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A super different, socially-distanced family outing

This weekend, for the first time in forever, we attempted a super different, socially-distanced family outing. For the better part of the year, just like...

The Scoop: RGV Family Fun in February

February is the month for all things love, and we know you're going to fall head over heels for these great family events! We've...

Top 4 Reasons to Love Family Game Night

With life being a crazy roller coaster ride, we like to set aside Thursday nights for Family Game Night. Why Thursday? That's the day...

RGV Day Trips: Brownsville, TX

The Rio Grande Valley is a special place with a rich culture and an interesting history. It may be hot, and it may not...

The Joy in a Family Hug

  It's the cutest thing my four-year-old son is doing these days, calling together a "family hug." I don't know exactly where he learned this....

What’s Your Weekend Routine?

At my house, the weekend generally means two days off. Which means two long days with a toddler who has the energy level of an overachieving camp counselor.

Christmas Fun and Traditions

Christmas has always been my favorite time of year.  There's nothing like gathering around with family and friends to celebrate the season with Christmas...

Divide and Conquer: Planning Family Time During the Holiday Season

The holidays are approaching! Store windows are filling with the lights and sounds of cheer that the season brings.  As I create lists and check...

A Rite of Passage: Hosting Thanksgiving

I am a true adult.  Marriage. Motherhood. Work. Bills. Responsibilities.  Yep, it's all checked off the "things that make you a grown up" list....

Alternative Ways to Spend Black Friday

Black Friday. Some people spend months planning for it. Some people spend months planning how to avoid it. If you're one of those who would rather skip...