Christmas Fun and Traditions


Christmas Fun and Traditions - RGV Moms BlogChristmas has always been my favorite time of year.  There’s nothing like gathering around with family and friends to celebrate the season with Christmas fun.  Here are some activities that you can do with your family to get into the Christmas spirit. Check our Christmas Pinterest boards for some great DIY projects this December.

  1. Use an advent calendar to countdown to Christmas. There are so many different kinds of calendars.  Some have chocolate. Others have toys.  You can even make one yourself.                                                           advent calendar
  2. Sing Christmas carols. You can sing in the car or while doing other Christmas activities.
  3. Color a Christmas coloring page.  Have each child pick out his favorite coloring sheet, set crayons on the table, and color away.
  4. Watch a Christmas movie. There’s nothing like watching How the Grinch Stole Christmas or A Charlie Brown Christmas to get one into the Christmas spirit.
  5. Decorate the Christmas tree.  Have the kids help decorate the tree.  You may have to rearrange ornaments later (since they can’t reach the top), but they will have a blast anyway.
  6. Make Christmas ornaments. You can make ornaments out of candy canes, popsicle sticks, or construction paper. The possibilities are endless.
  7. Make hot chocolate. Have the kids help out with making the hot chocolate.  They will love adding all the marshmallows!
  8. Read a Christmas story before bedtime every night. Family favorites include the Polar Express, ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas,  and the Gift of the Magi. [Read Deborah’s post on Christmas reads for the family.]
  9. Watch the Nutcracker. Check newspapers for local performances of the Nutcracker or watch it on TV.
  10. Attend a Christmas concert.  There are lots of school and community bands and choirs that have performances. [More details and local events here in our holiday events guide.]
  11. Attend a Christmas parade. Have the kids watch a Christmas parade in your hometown.  They will be thrilled when they see Santa in the parade.elf picture
  12. Bake cookies.  You can bake sugar cookies and have the kids decorate them with different kinds of frosting and sprinkles.
  13. Go Christmas caroling. You can go caroling around your neighborhood or at a local nursing home.
  14. Drive around town and look at holiday lights. Hope in the car, turn on Christmas music, and cruise around town, admiring all of the Christmas lights.
  15. Go visit Santa. Head to the mall or Christmas festival to see St. Nick.
  16. Write a letter to Santa. Help the kids write a letter to Santa and mail it.
  17. Donate toys and clothing. Contact your church or local charity to participate in food and clothing drives.
  18. Decorate a gingerbread house. You can bake one yourself or buy a pre-assembled one at the store.     100_5016
  19. Share with those that are working on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Bake cookies and hand them out them out to police officers, delivery workers, and others and wish them a Merry Christmas. [We love these recipes for Cookies and Brownies!]
  20. Play Christmas games.  You can play variations of traditional  party games like Pin the nose of Rudolph, Christmas BINGO, or gift-wrapping races.


What Christmas traditions does your family have?santa footprints





  1. […] Well, right now I have to think a bit more. Our 11 year old stopped believing this year. It just breaks my heart, yet I’m grateful at the same time. It seems like children are losing their innocence younger and younger every year. And now, every chance she gets, she mutters those four words… “There is no Santa!” When she does, I see lights going out. Just like in the movie The Guardians. We have to keep our light shining bright! (More ideas on that!) […]


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