Veronica is a momma to a 3 year old boy, wife to a middle school teacher and is a speech language pathologist employed at a local hospital. A Rio Grande Valley native, Veronica studied at the University of Texas at Austin and later lived in San Antonio for 3 years before returning to the Edinburg area to raise her son and plant roots in the only place she considers home. She loves to eat (not to be confused with cooking), dance Latin music and monkey around with her rough and tumble son.

To My Growing Son: A Mother’s Wish

The first time I saw you, I cried. As the nurse brought you to me, she said "Such a sweet moment for you, hon." Most of my tears were of happiness. I smiled at...
Mini Yogi Child Yoga

Mini Yogi: 7 Benefits of Child Yoga

I've always wanted my little one to participate in activities. Until recently, child yoga wasn't even on my mom radar. We enrolled sweet Luis in soccer, which sadly didn't work out because well, as...
Canine Dining RGV

Woof! Where to Dine with your Canine in the RGV

  As a mediocre microwave chef, I enjoy not consuming my poor attempts at cooking and having dinner — and any other meal for that matter! — at restaurants around town. However, now that my...
Mommy Mental Health

Mommy Mental Health: No Shame in the Therapy Game

The first time I purchased a new car, I was super excited to tune in to satellite radio. With plenty of channels to choose from, I came across a nightly program with Dr. Jenn...

Woof! Advice from a New Puppy Parent

"I want a doggie, mommy!" my three year old son woke up one morning proclaiming as he sat up in bed next to me. I wondered where this idea came from as I searched...
Mommy Meltdown

Mommy Meltdown: Soccer Edition

Luis has always had a knack for kicking things. From my womb to a soccer ball, he's made his interest known. Yearning to give him a healthy start in team sports, I recently opted...

An Open Letter to a Friend That I Miss

My Dear Friend, When my son was a few months old, you invited me out for coffee. I told you that I would take a raincheck. "Maybe next week," I said. Well, next week came and went,...

Tips from a Pro: DIY Holiday Cards

As a self-professed Pinterest and DIY enthusiast, I have attempted to bring to life a myriad of projects... some of which I look back on with pride and others that I hope to soon...

Here Comes Autumn: Simple Ways to Transition Your Wardrobe

Orange hues are beginning to appear in home décor, you're brainstorming your kids' Halloween costumes, and pumpkin spice is appearing at every local coffee shop. That can only mean one thing... fall has arrived!...

9 Months of Beauty: Essential Products for the Mommy-to-Be

My skincare/beauty routine changes with the seasons, given the weather and sometimes even my mood! But there is no greater change to my overall routine than during pregnancy.