I am a wife, mother, sister, and daughter. I love tacos, margaritas, and red velvet cupcakes (in that order). I have a Master's Degree in Museum Studies from the University of Oklahoma and I proudly support my Sooners all the way from deep South Texas.

Grandparents We Can Count On

For my family, grandparents are the people that we know we can count on. Growing up, I had the pleasure of having three living grandparents. My husband had four living grandparents for about 30...

Mama Bear, Facial Hair

"Not by the hair of my chinny chin chin" We've all read that famous line from The Three Little Pigs to our babies, but y'all, I have the funniest roller coaster of events that I...
Read Across America 2019

5 Ways to Read Across America

It's the beginning of March, and you know what that means! Read Across America Day/Week/Month! In the past few years, schools have dedicated a week-long list of activities to this event. Whether it was 'Crazy Hair Day'...

Top 5 Reads for MLK Day

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is a social and political icon whose life and principles have affected everyone in this country. His words led a movement so large as to capture the attention of...

The day I got caught sexting

Caught sexting?!? I know what you are thinking, "This lady is crazy!" You are not wrong. I am crazy in love with my husband. A Love Story We met in college, well, while he was in...

Carpool Karaoke

Who else loves Carpool Karaoke?! It's one of my favorite late night show segments where host James Corden rides in a car with celebrities and they sing popular tunes together. I, too, love karaoke! Not sure...
Golden Birthday Talk 30

Golden Birthday: Talk 30 To Me

In just a few days, I will be 30! Where has the time gone? This year is my "Golden Birthday" — I'm turning the same age as the numeral of my birthday, 30 on...
Spice Up Hot Dog

Summer Eats: Spice up your Hot Dog with Bacon and Pico de Gallo

July is here! That means a few things in my house: ice cream, fireworks, hot dogs, and good times. My hubby and son could eat hot dogs every day if I let them. Since...

Summer Trip Traditions: The Importance of the Little Things

When I think of "family traditions," I usually think about the holidays: Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's. However, I've recently realized that we have traditions in so many areas of our lives. And a...
Family Game Night

Top 4 Reasons to Love Family Game Night

With life being a crazy roller coaster ride, we like to set aside Thursday nights for Family Game Night. Why Thursday? That's the day that works best for us. Our son, Azariah, is usually...