Lisa Peña

Lisa is mom to one high-energy 4-year-old, Jacob and wife to her moderate-energy hubby, Tony. Lisa was born and raised in San Antonio. She is a former Rio Grande Valley news anchor and reporter. Lisa started her broadcast news career in Laredo, TX and landed her second news job in the Rio Grande Valley in 2002. After 12 years of reporting, anchoring, and chasing breaking news, she left the news biz to be a stay-at-home mommy. She returned to work full-time as a communications writer in July 2015. Lisa is a proud Longhorn and she enjoys writing, reading, and traveling to San Antonio and Austin to visit her friends and family. She loves a good karaoke session, chocolate, and an early bedtime. She and her husband have decided they are beach people and they plan to spend their retirement beach hopping.

How I Mom :: Lisa {Lifestyle Series}

He will one day go out into the world, and fly on his own. I will stand back and let him soar. It's not about me. He comes first. Hi, I'm Lisa, and this is how I mom.
Family Hug

The Joy in a Family Hug

  It's the cutest thing my four-year-old son is doing these days, calling together a "family hug." I don't know exactly where he learned this. We are unabashedly tablet and TV friendly in our home,...
I don't remember giving birth. Lisa's Story.

I Don’t Remember Giving Birth {A Birthday Story}

As my son's 4th birthday approaches, I can't help but reminisce about how he burst into this world. The truth is, I don't remember one second of the actual moment he arrived. Not his...

Dolphins, Turtles and Sunscreen Tantrums: The New Way We Do the Beach

We are beach people. My husband and I love the beach. We love our Rio Grande Valley beach, South Padre Island. Before our son was born, beach weekends were lazy, crazy and so relaxing. Our...

10 Lessons from the First Year of School

Nearly a year ago, I went from stay-at-home mom to full-time working mom. With that, my son Jacob (2 years and 9 months then), went from stay-at-home kid to school kid.  The first year...
A Mommy's Public Potty Wish List

A Mommy’s Public Potty Wish List

I'm taking a tour I never quite expected now that my son is potty trained.  It's not one of those fun tours with a bus and an entertaining person giving interesting facts over a...
Mom Down, What I Learned Spending Hours on the Floor :: RGV Moms Blog

Mom Down: What I Learned Spending Hours on the Floor

I seriously thought it would be a few decades before I would ever have to say "I've fallen and I can't get up." Nope. There I was, a few weeks ago, stuck on the floor...
My Son is So Over Me : Dealing with Detachment

Dealing with Detachment: My Son is So Over Me

One thing I've learned since having my son is kids are constantly changing.  Just when you get used to one routine, their needs change.  Their patterns change.  Teething. Feeding. Sleeping. Growing.  Talking.  Learning.  They...

A Rite of Passage: Hosting Thanksgiving

I am a true adult.  Marriage. Motherhood. Work. Bills. Responsibilities.  Yep, it's all checked off the "things that make you a grown up" list.  But, somehow, I especially feel like I have reached adulthood...
A Simple Reminder to Fill Your Cup

A Simple Reminder to Fill Your Cup

You have to fill your cup before you can pour from it and give of yourself to others.   Who comes up with this stuff? Is this even possible?  I first heard those words...