Top 4 Reasons to Love Family Game Night


With life being a crazy roller coaster ride, we like to set aside Thursday nights for Family Game Night. Why Thursday? That’s the day that works best for us. Our son, Azariah, is usually done with all of his Pre-K homework for the week by Wednesday, my husband’s weekend is right around the corner, and I usually need some laughter to cut into the seriousness of life by this time of the week.

At first we started out slow with easy games like Go Fish and Hedbanz. Now, we have matured into serious games like Sequence, Brain Games, Fantastic Gymnastics, and so much more. A recent post on PBS Parenting Blog lists a few reasons why family game nights are a great choice for everyone.

 Top 4 Reasons to Love Family Game Night:

  1. Children get to work on Fine & Gross motor skills
  2. Better reading and test scores
  3. Children become better problem solvers (I’m sure this goes for parents as well)
  4. Family bonding

As you well know, researchers have studied the affect that family bonding has on a child. Children gain confidence in their skills, become great problem solvers, and are more likely to succeed in school.

Aside from all the benefits that come from Family Game Night, you can use this as a tool for chores. Between my husband and me, sometime we play a game to see who has to wash the dishes or sweep and mop. Family Game Night helps us all to laugh, enjoy each other’s company, and just take a breather from the world. Another plus is when you have company over, everyone can bond over a good, old-fashioned game night as well (while the kids are probably playing on their tablets and game consoles, haha!).

Favorite Games and Accessories

Hedbanz | Card Holder | Melissa & Doug Card Set Trio
Brain Games | Catan Junior | Quirkle | Puzzle Storage Mat

What are your favorite family games?


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