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We love our sponsors here at RGV Moms Blog, where we believe in the effectiveness of word-of-mouth.  Moms love to learn and share, and what better way to share awesome local products and businesses than on a local mom’s blog, your most influential resource to reach local moms!

RGV Moms Blog is a rapidly growing community of moms in the Rio Grande Valley area. We are a collaborate blog written and read by local moms, and we are passionate about engaging with our readers offline through our exciting local events that connect moms to each other and great businesses. We cover everything from cloth diapering, to how to find a preschool, and where to go for a great family friendly meal. We are the one-stop resource for moms raising kids in the Rio Grande Valley.

Moms go to other moms to find out where they should shop, who to see for a pediatrician, what restaurant their kids will love. They are looking for authentic reviews and recommendations from women they trust. They are also wanting to interact with businesses in natural settings- like playgroups, cocktail parties, and more.

Our readers are eager to learn about what products and services will make their mommy lives richer, and we value the trust we have developed with our readership and are committed to bringing them brands that we know they will love. Please keep in mind that our target audience is moms, and we only promote products, services and events that we can personally vouch for.

We invite you to email us at [email protected] for a media packet and sponsorship details.

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