RoxAnne lives in Rio Grande City, Texas. She is married to her husband, Bobby. They have four children: Laurel, Arora, Matthew, and Catherine. She is a Speech Language Pathologist. She enjoys planning family meals, family trips, and reading.
Christmas Fun and Traditions - RGV Moms Blog

Christmas Fun and Traditions

Christmas has always been my favorite time of year.  There's nothing like gathering around with family and friends to celebrate the season with Christmas fun.  Here are some activities that you can do with your...

Time to Talk: Language Development Activities for the Busy Mom

As a Speech Language Pathologist, parents are always asking me how they can help their toddler at home.  Parents often think that they should use flashcards to increase vocabulary skills.  While flashcards can be...
Taking Control of Screen Time

Taking Control of Screen Time

It all started when my oldest child was three.  She discovered the Internet, and there was no going back.  We didn't see it as a terrible thing at first since she was allowed to use the computer to access...