Mariana loves sandwiches best, although going 95% vegan two years ago means having traded in ham and swiss for eggplant and roasted red pepper. Her boys, Santiago (5) and Sebastian (3), agree that sliced bread is the greatest thing since sliced bread. The boys are native Spanish speakers despite the fact that neither of their parents is, which has made raising them in Spanish a labor of love. Her commitment to raising bilingual children was made possible by being a first-generation Chilean-American born and raised in New York City, and by having spent two pre-kid years living abroad in Mexico City and Salamanca, Spain. Mariana moved to the RGV in 2010 and never wants to live anywhere else. While the kids are at school, Mariana is a full-time Assistant Professor of Philosophy at UTRGV. She has written for the New York Times, Womankind Magazine, and Yahoo Parenting.

At Home, but Not Really: Attention and Focus in a Digital World

Are you having trouble paying attention to simple tasks like I am? For a long time now I have subscribed to digital minimalist philosophy and have even taught it in my classes, but I...

Proximity Learning in the Age of Quarantine

We've all become accustomed to distance learning in the last few weeks. But I have a proposal. What if we try a little (or a lot) of proximity learning? We may all be RGV moms,...

El programa de Lenguaje Dual en el Valle

Este es el momento en el que tienes que pensar a que escuela mandaras a tus pequeños. Aquí tenemos información importante sobre las escuelas Del Valle que ofrecen el programa de Lenguaje Dual. Lee...

The DL on Dual-Language Education in the RGV

Now is the time to think about where to send your little ones for school, so here is some helpful information on which schools in the Valley have a Dual-Language program. Read this and...

Parent, Playmate, or Friend?

My boys are playing baseball outside, one in an old soccer uniform and the other in a shirt he’s outgrown. They are five and seven — perfect and perfectly positioned. I can hear and...

Living a Small Life: Stick to the Schedule

Somewhere along the way during the summer, my life got too big. Between camp and activities, trying to rest and work, cooking and barbecuing, exercising and keeping the house clean, it was too much....

Summer in Review

In June I made some micro-resolutions for the summer. Now is the best time to see how it went, whether my expectations were still too high, despite trying to keep them low. Puzzle in...

The Soul’s Emergency Backpack

An emergency backpack holds enough essentials items for three days. They recommend water, cans of food, swiss army knife, flashlight, rope, batteries stored in a waterproof container. When the emergency strikes, grab it and...

Micro-Resolutions for Summertime

If you had to boil it down, RGV Mama, what is essential for you to feel like it’s summertime? Whether you work full- or part-time, in or out of the home, RGV summers have...

Other People’s Children

Some women don’t love kids and decide not to have any. They see past the rainbows to the rainy days that cause them, and they realize that even a unicorn’s hooves occasionally get filled...