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Now is the time to think about where to send your little ones for school, so here is some helpful information on which schools in the Valley have a Dual-Language program. Read this and this if you still aren’t convinced that your kids should be learning Spanish, in addition to English, now – better to learn as a kid than as an adult, right? After all, el ser bilingüe vale por dos!

When deciding upon a campus, it’s good idea to visit the school and try to see a classroom if you can. Many of the area districts are open enrollment, meaning that if you live in Edinburg, which does not have Dual-Language instruction, you can transfer to McAllen. Here is an alphabetical list of the districts and schools that have Dual Language Instruction (100 in total). Note that PSJA has Dual-Languge through high school; McAllen, Harlingen, and La Joya have it in middle school.

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Donna ISD

  1. Singleterry Elementary
  2. Captain D. Salinas Elementary
  3. S. Garza Elementary
  4. Salazar Elementary
  5. Runn Elementary
  6. M Rivas Elementary
  7. M. Ochoa Elementary

Excellence in Leadership

  1. Excellence In Leadership Academy

Harlingen CISD

  1. Wilson Elementary School
  2. Lamar Elementary Dual Language Academy
  3. Ben Milam Elementary School
  4. Lee Means Elementary Fine Arts Academy
  5. Sam Houston Elementary Dual Language Academy
  6. Vernon Middle School

Hidalgo ISD

  1. Hidalgo Early Start Academy
  2. JC Kelly Elementary
  3. Alejo-Salinas Elementary
  4. Hidalgo Park Elementary
  5. Hidalgo Elementary

Pharr-San Juan-Alamo ISD

  1. Allen & William Arnold Elementary
  2. Raul Longoria Elementary
  3. William Long Elementary
  4. Daniel Ramirez Elementary
  5. Arnoldo Cantu Sr. Elementary
  6. Aida C. Escobar Elementary
  7. Reed & Mock Elementary
  8. Henry Ford Elementary
  9. John Doedyns Elementary
  10. Kelly-Pharr Elementary
  11. Geraldine Palmer Elementary
  12. Vida N. Clover Elementary
  13. Edith & Ethel Carman Elementary
  14. Alfred Sorensen Elementary
  15. Santos Livas Elementary
  16. Austin Middle School
  17. Kennedy Middle School
  18. Yzaguirre Middle School
  19. Liberty Middle School
  20. LBJ Middle School
  21. Audie Murphy Middle School
  22. PSJA Collegiate High School Program
  23. PSJA Early College High School
  24. PSJA Thomas Jefferson T-STEM Early College High School
  25. PSJA North Early College High School

La Joya ISD

  1. Enrique Camarena Elementary
  2. Emiliano Zapata Elementary
  3. Diaz/Villarreal Elementary
  4. Kika De La Garza Elementary
  5. Americo Paredes Elementary
  6. Patricio Perez Elementary
  7. Narciso G. Cavazos Elementary
  8. Elodia R. Chapa Elementary
  9. Evangelina Garza Elementary
  10. Henry B. Gonzalez Elementary
  11. Palmira Mendiola Elementary
  12. Jose De Escandon Elementary
  13. Juan N. Seguin Elementary
  14. Guillermo Flores Elementary
  15. John F. Kennedy Elementary
  16. William J. Clinton Elementary
  17. Domingo Trevino Middle School
  18. Memorial Middle School

McAllen ISD

  1. Blanca E. Sanchez Elementary (my kids go here)
  2. Pablo Perez Elementary
  3. Leonelo H. Gonzalez Elementary
  4. Ben Milam Elementary
  5. Christa McAuliffe Elementary
  6. Andrew Jackson Elementary
  7. Victor Fields Elementary
  8. Michael E. Fossum Middle School

Mission CISD

  1. Alton Elementary
  2. Salinas Elementary
  3. Midkiff Elementary
  4. Cantu Elementary
  5. Waitz Elementary
  6. Cavazos Elementary
  7. Mims Elementary
  8. Escobar/Rios Elementary
  9. Bryan Elementary
  10. Marcell Elementary
  11. Castro Elementary
  12. Pearson Elementary
  13. Leal Elementary

Rio Grande City CISD

  1. Alto Bonito Elementary
  2. Grulla Elementary
  3. John and Olive Hinojosa Elementary
  4. Ringgold Elementary
  5. Academy for Academic Enhancement
  6. Alberto & Celia Barrera Elementary
  7. General Ricardo Sanchez Elementary
  8. Roque Guerra Jr. Elementary

Vanguard Academy

  1. Beethoven Elementary
  2. Rembrant Elementary
  3. Mozart Elementary
  4. Picasso Elementary

This information has been provided by RGV PUEDE (Parents United for Excellent Dual Education/Padres Unidos para Educación Dual Excelente, founded by my husband and me.) For more, see If you want to join PUEDE, you may do so on the website. If you belong to a district that does not have Dual Language Education, and you want to advocate for it, please send an email to [email protected].

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