Summer in Review


In June I made some micro-resolutions for the summer. Now is the best time to see how it went, whether my expectations were still too high, despite trying to keep them low.

  • Puzzle in living room: Nope! We’re off our game!
  • Swimming: Not much! 5-year-old is still afraid of water
  • Weekend barbecuing: Not much! I guess it was too hot.
  • Summer hobby: Yes! I picked up the guitar again and sang Dar Williams at the top of my lungs.

Summer Tasks We Accomplished

Some of the things we did do were different from what I thought was a modest list:

  • Short (combined work and fun) trip to Austin
  • Long (work and fun) trip to Mexico City: it’s only a – hour, $250 direct flight from McAllen on Aeromar! The kids went to a 4-hour summer day camp while the adults worked.
  • Playing cards: We learned Pounce and Spit and have been playing nonstop.
  • Baseball: Playing outside in the heat and listening to games on (Let’s Go METS!)

I guess as kids grow you can’t always know what to expect from them. I thought my little one would want to swim more, but he refused to go near the water most of the time. We definitely had less of a schedule, stayed up late, ate more junk (but also more fruit), watched a few movies in the house, cooked much less, and didn’t get a single haircut.

The kids were in camp almost the whole summer since we still have to work, but they were allowed to sleep together all summer. I am happy that they mostly got along, and only put two real holes in the wall during their wrestling matches.

So, if someone asked me how my summer was, I would say it was good enough.

We didn’t do what I thought we would do, but it was still worth making the list of micro-resolutions anyway, to try to give summer a different feel. It was good to leave room for new things we didn’t even know we could do. (We were surprised that a 5-year-old can play fast card games!)

Now is the season to make some fall goals/resolutions/list of desires!

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