Katie Wollenberg

Katie Wollenberg
Katie is originally from the South County area of St. Louis. She’s lived in Ohio, Wisconsin and Texas but has always considered the St. Louis area to be home. She now lives in a small town, Hoyleton, IL, about an hour east of St. Louis with her husband, Nate, daughter Zoe, and son, Zach. When she’s not chasing Zoe and Zach around, she enjoys hanging out with friends, having dance parties in the kitchen, sitting on her porch and sipping on some Diet Coke. Katie records a podcast called Blessed Mess Mom and has her own blog, ablessedmess.net.

To My Beautiful Threenager

To My Beautiful Threenager, My gorgeous baby girl. I love you so much. You are so strong, beautiful and fierce. You are incredibly smart and funny. You make me laugh all day long and the...

How I Mom… by Katie, 40 Weeks Pregnant

Hi, I'm Katie and this is how I mom. How I mom has changed over the three short years since I had my first little girl. Fast Forward to today, and I am currently 3 days overdue with our second child - not so patiently waiting for its arrival.

10 Things that My Second Pregnancy Has Taught Me So Far

  I am only 17 weeks along with my second baby, and here's what I've learned from this pregnancy so far. Second Pregnancy Epiphanies Morning sickness is not always mild. With my first, I had about...

The Pressure to Potty Train

Potty training has probably been one of the most intimidating things about parenthood for me. My daughter is 2.5, so the time is nearing every day.

Write a Letter, Save Some Money.

The key to saving money- or getting it back- requires some good old fashioned communication skills: letters and phone calls.
Roadtrip Packing-Toddler Edition

Road Trip Packing: Toddler Edition

From the last week of June through mid-July, my husband, my 2-year old daughter and I took a road trip from McAllen, TX, to St. Louis, MO to Milwaukee, WI. That, my friends, involved some packing. The...

Be the Village

Last week, someone on my Facebook newsfeed posted that she had the opportunity to help in an emergency with someone else's child while at a local swimming pool. She noted that it was not...
10 Things I Learned when I Moved to the RGV

10 Things I Learned When I Moved to the Rio Grande Valley

Almost four years ago I moved to McAllen, TX, from St. Louis, MO. I had pretty intense culture shock. That being said, I've learned to adapt and like the Rio Grande Valley. Here are 10...

Chalk It Up to Accidental Learning

  These days everyone is looking for education activities for their toddlers and older children. We shop the aisle with the Leapfrog and Vtech toys. We scour Pinterest for hours looking for the perfect educational...

She Looks Like Herself!

Ever since I can remember, people have told me that I look like my mom (and they're right, I do.) Sometimes I look in the mirror and wonder how my mom got into my...