How I Mom… by Katie, 40 Weeks Pregnant



Hi, I’m Katie and this is how I mom.

How I mom has changed over the three short years since I had my first little girl. Fast Forward to today, and I am currently 3 days overdue with our second child – not so patiently waiting for its arrival. I say “its” because we decided not to find out whether it’s a boy or a girl.

The mom I never thought I would be…
I was a teacher before I started staying home with my daughter three years ago. Back then, I used to be so perplexed as to why parents would rush their children into the doctor for every little sniffle and fever. But now, I have a little girl who has a kidney condition that requires us to get her checked for a UTI for almost every fever. I became THAT mom. It was one of those things that humbled me and made me realize that I need to me a little bit more open minded. 

Paparazzi and Social Media Mom…
I take A LOT of pictures of my daughter. What do I do with the oodles of pictures I take? I share them with others on Facebook and Instagram. Up until about 4 months ago we didn’t live anywhere near any of our family and we still live far away from a great deal of our family and friends. The only way they saw our daughter was on Facebook and guess what? People love it. They tell me all the time that they love following Zoe on Facebook. Of course you need to be careful about the privacy settings and what you put out there, but if you are smart about it, you can make some great connections with people that you may not normally be as connected to you and your family.

Survival Momming…
Like I said, I am three days overdue with our second precious baby. Throughout this entire pregnancy I have felt pretty yucky. In January, I found out that I have gall stones in my gallbladder and that was the cause of  all of my sickness. This diagnosis meant that I would have to change basically to a no fat diet. In the past couple of weeks, regardless of what I eat, I still have gallbladder pain. This has meant a lot of help from my mom, husband, and Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood. I have had to rely on more screen time than I would like to get us through this pregnancy. Zoe has adjusted to Mommy needing to be more sedentary very well. We hang out in the recliner all the time. We have tea parties, play with her Frozen figures, put stickers on Mommy’s belly, or just snuggle and watch TV. Luckily, Zoe still begs to play outside and with her toys, she isn’t completely lost to technology. I know we will get back on track after we get a new routine down with the new baby and Mommy gets her gallbladder out. 

What I have learned…
How I mom will always be changing as much as my child(ren) grown and change. It is forever a learning process that needs to be tweaked and adjusted for what life brings. After all, they say that no two children are the same and I’m about to add one more. I have also learned in the great words of REO Speedwagon to “roll with the changes”. However, sometimes it’s easier said than done for me. A lot of the time I have to be pushed into rolling with those changes. That’s something that I need to work on. I have also learned that there is so much to learn from other moms that are doing things differently than you may be doing them. As moms we need to be open-minded and support those around us. We need to be a village and take care of each other because this mom stuff is hard work.

Update: Katie is now a mom of a adorable, brand new baby boy in addition to her darling little Zoe. We are so thrilled for her and amazed by her supermom skills in writing about motherhood right on the verge of labor.

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