To My Beautiful Threenager


To My Beautiful Threenager,

My gorgeous baby girl. I love you so much. You are so strong, beautiful and fierce. You are incredibly smart and funny. You make me laugh all day long and the curls in your hair are so beautiful they bring tears to my eyes. I know you are getting more and more independent every day.

I know you want to grow up so fast. I know you don’t always want to do what Mommy asks you to do. I know that you got a baby brother recently and mommy had surgery. It was a lot. We missed a lot of snuggles and things are different now. I know it’s not just us anymore and I miss that time that we had together more than you know. We are both trying to adjust to this new chapter in our lives. 

I don’t like that we disagree a lot these days. I don’t like the crazy attitude that you have. Saying things like, “Mommy, I told you I don’t want any more milk!” instead of “Mommy, no thank you.” is trying my patience something awful. Some days when we can’t see eye to eye, your attitude can bring me to tears or make me want to scream. I know this is just a phase. I know that we will have so many good years together.

Don’t worry, we will get through this phase of tantrums, disagreements and growing pains. We will have more days of laughing and snuggles. I also know that this attitude will rear its head again. I also know we will have some tenuous times in about ten years.

Things will be said, punishments will happen, but know that I love you more than you could ever know and I will always have your back. 

For now, you are just three. For now, at the end of the day— despite our disagreements— we can still snuggle and giggle at bedtime. And you can say “Mommy, I love you.” and I can respond “Buggy, I love you too.” while tears silently fall down my face. 

For now and for always, despite the threenager or the teenager status, you will forever be, “my best girl.”




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