She Looks Like Herself!


She looks

Ever since I can remember, people have told me that I look like my mom (and they’re right, I do.) Sometimes I look in the mirror and wonder how my mom got into my bathroom without me noticing! It didn’t bother me much back then. I admit that it did get old after a while because people said it all the time. But really, my mom is a pretty lady, so it’s a compliment. Anyway, because I grew up always being told that I looked like my mom, I expected that if I had a daughter, there would be no question she would look like me.


When my daughter was born, she was bald. There was barely even on any peach fuzz on her cute little head. My husband is a pastor, which means he is somewhat of a public figure. More than me, anyway. So people are always looking at him and they tend to know his face better than mine. He also happens to be bald. So here are a few comments I started receiving right away:

  • “She looks so much like her daddy” – Okay, cool, he is her dad.”
  • “She is like a little version of her daddy” –  She’s a girl, but okay.
  • “He couldn’t deny her.” – He what?!? He couldn’t deny her? Um. I assure you that he is her father and what kind of comment is that? (She was about 3 months old when this comment was said to me. I was tired of hearing these comments, well I was pretty tired in general.)


My bald loves.

As my daughter few I continued to compare her to my baby/toddler photos trying to make people realize that I did in fact spend 16 hours in labor to push her out. I thought, ” SHE WILL LOOK LIKE ME!!” I found one of those pictures and started showing it to people, and a few of them started to finally see the light. Now, I realize that if someone says to you, “Look at this picture of me when I was young, she looks like me,” the correct response should always be, “Yes, she looks just like you!” It’s like when we ask our husbands if our outfits look good. It is an immediate, “Yes.” And yet, I don’t think everyone got the memo, because that’s not the response that everyone gives me. As a mom, I am clearly looking for some validation. I am so proud to be this little girl’s mama, I just want everyone to know that she belongs to me.

Now, let’s be real. It doesn’t matter who my daughter looks like. She could look like me, my husband or some third cousin and we would still love her so much. She would still be just as much mine as if she came out looking like my identical twin. The truth is, she looks like herself. She is her own person, she has her own personality and her own little traits that make her who she is. She wouldn’t be Zoe is she didn’t have her blonde hair and blue eyes. My hair is brown and my eyes are green. She wouldn’t be Zoe if she didn’t love Elmo. I’m more of a Cookie Monster fan myself. She wouldn’t be Zoe if she didn’t love to play catch all of the time. I am more of a spectator when it comes to sports. She wouldn’t be Zoe if she didn’t love Justin Bieber (I really wish this wasn’t true of my two-year-old, but seriously the girl is a “belieber”). She is a true Valley Native and I couldn’t be further from that. I mean I like tacos, but she can’t get enough of them. I am so glad that she is herself and not me. She makes me laugh like no one else. She gives the best snuggles. She makes me a better version of myself every day. Zoe is Zoe and I couldn’t be happier that she is.

Now really doesn’t she look like me? 😉

looks like mama



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