10 Things I Learned When I Moved to the Rio Grande Valley



Almost four years ago I moved to McAllen, TX, from St. Louis, MO. I had pretty intense culture shock. That being said, I’ve learned to adapt and like the Rio Grande Valley.

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Here are 10 things I learned when I moved to the valley:

  1. After being taught all my life that birds fly south for the winter, I found out that the RGV is where they go.
  2. There are cockroaches that have wings and fly (insert about 50 crying emojis here).
  3. The only kind of tacos are soft tacos. Also, ground beef in tacos really isn’t a thing either.
  4. HEB is a fantastic grocery store. (Did you know they have an app?)
  5. Texas is huge. From where we live, it takes about 10 hours to drive out of the state of Texas.
  6. It is actually possible to feel like you are standing on the surface of the sun. It. Is. So. Hot.
  7. The winter down here is a dream.
  8. Splash parks are the best. Even though it is ridiculously hot, splash parks are open almost year round.
  9. You can grill year round. Yum.
  10. The beach is not far — and it’s beautiful.

The RGV was a huge shock to me, but my little girl is a valley baby and for that reason, it will always have a special place in my heart.

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Are you from the RGV? If not, what did you learn when you moved here?



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