The day I got caught sexting


Caught sexting?!? I know what you are thinking, “This lady is crazy!” You are not wrong. I am crazy in love with my husband.

A Love Story

We met in college, well, while he was in college and I was trying to find what works for me. Long story short, I went back to school and we became college sweethearts! We’ve been together for eight years now, and we will be celebrating our sixth anniversary this winter. Where has the time gone? We got married in our mid-twenties and had a baby boy right away. Our lives have been pretty jammed-pack with schedules for work, sleep training, working out, eating, moving to an apartment, to a house, trying to have another baby, graduate school, moving to another city, you get the hint. We have been on a non-stop roller coaster ride for eight years, and it’s been full of love, laughs, anxiety, stress, and much more.

Something as simple as a daily schedule can cause our lives can become a tangled web. This messiness doesn’t mean I love my family any less, it just means I am tired by the time the day is over. By the time we lay our little one down to sleep, I am usually asleep right next to him. We have our “intimate” time when we can. Most nights we stay up 20-30 minutes after our son is sleeping just to wind down and talk about the good and the bad of our days. We listen to each other vent about the day, unwind, and plan for the next day or the weekend. Sometimes our professional and parent lives collide pretty roughly and we forget to be intimate.

The Day I Got Caught

Every day, before my husband leaves for his day, I give him a tight squeeze and a kiss goodbye. We text each other throughout the day and tell each other the good/bad points of our days. Well, one day, I was on my lunch break and decided to send my husband a selfie. It wasn’t the most scandalous photo, it was just a selfie…and some text (sext?!?) below the picture. Come to think of it, it wasn’t even the most scandalous thing to say.

But the way the picture and text were paired, made it sexting.

I left my phone faced up on the table while I reached down to pick something off the floor. I knew my husband had responded because I felt my watch vibrate with a notification. I wasn’t in a hurry to check it because I was eating lunch alone. Nobody was there.

When I came up to the table, that’s when I saw my screen unlocked, messages opened, and a volunteer who happened to have her eyes on my phone! I didn’t think to lock my phone because I was having lunch alone! She saw the picture, which was just a selfie — and the text! I am not positive that she read the text or the response my husband sent, but the look on her face suggested that she likely had.

She was lit up like a Christmas tree in a red flush tone and excused herself from the lunchroom by saying, “Oh, I am sorry to have bothered you on your lunch.” By this point, I was mortified! She left for the day shortly after and we didn’t speak the next time she went into the center to volunteer.

Would I do it again? Yes! I love my husband and I love what we have.

We have not stopped dating each other and spicing up our texts is fun. My husband will probably get so upset once this post has gone live, but I still think it is a funny story. As adults, we get so wrapped up in our professional life that we forget to have some fun sometimes. As parents, we get caught up in making sure the kids are all right.

It’s ok to live in the moment and have fun. It’s ok to send sexy selfies to your spouse. We are married, not dead.

Moral of the story: always lock your phone when sexting your spouse!


  1. Jajajaja Claudia I can relate!! Sent a picture of my leopard heals legs crossed wearing a skirt (thought nothing of it) but instead of hubby sent to brother! Mind you he’s the most conservative person ever!! Lol… oh well !


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