Carpool Karaoke


Who else loves Carpool Karaoke?! It’s one of my favorite late night show segments where host James Corden rides in a car with celebrities and they sing popular tunes together.

I, too, love karaoke! Not sure I can hold a tune next to Jennifer Lopez or any other celebrity, but who’s listening?

Going to School – Old School

Usually, in the morning, I park the car at my son’s school, get out, and walk him to his building. We hug, give kisses, and wish each other a good day.

While my son is learning at school, I use music to get me through my day. I blast the “I Love My 90s Hip Hop” or “Old School Metal” playlists, thanks to Spotify, and get my day started. Funny thing is, I do not think the music I grew up on is “old school.” When did Ozzy Osbourne and Metallica become “old school?” But I digress.

Turn it Up

These tunes, and much more alike fuel my day. By the time it is time for school pick up, sometimes I’m jamming so hard that I do not even realize how loud the music is playing while I am in the carpool lane.

I have been caught on many occasions singing and dancing in my car while at a stop light, waiting in the carpool lane, and on the passenger side while my husband drives (if you are a true lover of karaoke, I am sure you sang that last part to the tune of TLC’s “No Scrubs”).

At this point in our marriage, I really don’t think it phases my husband that I rap along to JaRule, Nelly, and Biggie. I am pretty sure my dance moves can compete with those of Janet Jackson and Rosie Perez from her Fly Girls days.

Are you still with me? It’s about to get good.

One day while my son was patiently waiting in the pickup line I was listening to Lil’ Wayne in the car. I was rapping along with Weezy and shaking my shoulders. Truly grooving. It was not until the teacher opened the door that I realized just how loud my music was truly playing. Based on the horror on her face, it was clear that she did not approve of Weezy blasting in my car.

My son hopped in and began to strap himself in — he knows the drill. He lets me know he is ready to go home with a, “Hey Mom, can you put some Cardi B on?”

Now, I have become James Corden, my son has become the celebrity and we drive off into the sunset listening to Cardi B’s “Drip Drip.”


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