Mama Bear, Facial Hair


“Not by the hair of my chinny chin chin”

We’ve all read that famous line from The Three Little Pigs to our babies, but y’all, I have the funniest roller coaster of events that I wanted to share! I’ll get to the chinny chin chin shortly.

“Chancla Season” is officially here (did it ever leave?!), so, naturally, I needed to get my toes done. I was finally able to get to the salon while my son Azariah was busy jet setting all over Texas and D.C. In his absence, I have had some time to pick up on some much-needed grooming. 

Just a few days later, my husband and I picked up Azariah to eat lunch at a local hot spot. While at that restaurant my chancla got stuck on a sticky floor. Upon releasing my foot from the sticky floor, my toe slammed into the table legs and my toenail broke off. I was upset but figured that I wasn’t going to let this ruin my time. I hadn’t seen my Sunshine in a couple of days since he’s been out exploring the world with his cousins, grandparents, aunts, and uncles. Maybe getting my eyebrows done would make me feel better about myself.

What Facial Hair?

Now, my son has never made mention of my facial hair. When I walk into the shop to get my eyebrows done, they always ask me if I also want them to wax my upper lip. Its up-sale; that question doesn’t bother me. A celebrity recently went LIVE with her experience of someone asking her if she wanted her upper lip done and she was embarrassed.

Being Latinx, I have lots of hair, so I usually just go for it. Well, I get in the chair, the lady is waxing my eyebrows and upper lip, and then she asked if I WANTED MY CHIN DONE! Like, what?! What does that even mean?! I finally felt what that celebrity was talking about!

That embarrassment of someone else pointing out your flaws. Someone else telling you your hair is unacceptable. I couldn’t believe what the lady was telling me, so I asked for a mirror…..and there it was, a lonely, thick, dark, particle of hair! ON MY CHIN! I immediately give her the go-ahead to wax off that unknown creature who dared to embark on my face and stake its claim.

Just as the moment gets better, my normal eyebrow lady, who was bold enough to point out the hair on my chinny chin chin, also waxed off about half of one of my eyebrows. It was a day! I lost a toenail, the hair on my chinny chin chin, and half of an eyebrow, all while my son was in tow.

It’s safe to say, I’ve reached that point in my life where I just said, “Ok, mistakes happen,” and just walked out.

A Teachable Moment

When we got in the car, I spoke to my son about the insecurities I have and the importance of being polite when bringing these things to light. He seemed to receive the advice well and reminds me to draw on my eyebrow as we get ready to leave the house. It’s all about balance in our relationship, haha!


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