RGVMB Top Posts of 2018 {Food, Dining and Recipes}


We’re rounding out the year with a breakdown of our top posts of 2018. Today, we’re looking at contributor posts that you loved around the topic of food!

These top posts of 2018 offer recipe and meal prep tips, as well as recycling tips and a list of places to dine with your dog!

Claudia lets us in on a little secret family recipe. And, technically, her post is from 2017, but it was our most-viewed blog post this year! Way to go, Claudia!

Now, I know what you’re thinking, “it’s the RGV. Everyone knows how to make pico de gallo…” Maybe so. But this, my friend, isn’t just pico de gallo. It’s my mom’s special salsa recipe. 

Mom's Must-Have Salsa

Jen breaks down the art of meal prepping and gives some insider tips into eating healthy on a budget.

If I can get it all done in less than an hour, with one screaming baby yelling, “pick me up!!!” and the other demanding endless amounts of kisses, YOU can make it happen, too!

Meal Prep: Keeping It Real

Kim gives us another reason, as if we needed one, to head on over to Chick-fil-A! Her post also published in December of 2017, but with 800 views, we knew it had to make our top posts of 2018 cut!

Aside from their useful sizes, Chick-fil-A containers are surprisingly sturdy for being disposable fast food packaging. Not even those disposable foil casserole pans come with lids as sturdy as Chick-fil-A containers — nor do they come loaded with tasty chicken, but who’s keeping track here?

Reduce, Reuse & Recycle

Veronica lays out all of the best RGV restaurants that are pet-friendly. 

As a mediocre microwave chef, I enjoy not consuming my poor attempts at cooking and having dinner — and any other meal for that matter! — at restaurants around town. However, now that my maltipoo, Sonic, has become part of the picture, I’ve found some of the best places to eat with my son AND my dog.

Canine Dining RGV


  1. Woo hoo! That’s so awesome RGVMB did tops for the year. It’s a lot easier for me to read and enjoy than have to write them; I’m sure lots of time, effort and love is put into all the writers work. Congrats to all & especially my gorgeous cousin, Jen❣️


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