RGVMB Top Posts of 2018 {Education and Technology}


We’re rounding out the year with a breakdown of our top posts of 2018. Today, we’re looking at contributor posts that you loved about all things education and technology!

Our contributors wrote about encouraging a second language in their kids, the excitement of beginning PreK and breaking up with a certain “friend.”

Mariana writes on the importance of raising her children to be bilingual. 

Charlemagne wrote that “to know two languages is to possess a second soul.” I like to believe that my children, in whom I have planted and am nurturing the seeds of two languages, are growing up with two souls.

Dual Language RGV

Giana has a heart-to-heart conversation about breaking up. 

You and I have been friends for about as long as I’ve been married – 8 ½ years. I was absolutely smitten with you when we first met! 

Dear Friend It's Me

Stephanie looks back on her first child’s first week of PreK 4. 

The decision to put my daughter in school was difficult, but after this first week of PreK, I’m finally at peace with the decision… I think! Ha.

PreK 4 Reflection First


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