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Kids Hungry After School? Try These Healthy Snacks!

When my stepdaughter gets home from school the first thing she does is head straight for the refrigerator and kitchen pantry to see what she can snack on.  I'm sure she would prefer to...

Who’s the Boss – Separation Anxiety

(This blog post was originally written September 2012) Over the last couple of weeks, Klarissa has figured out how to curl her tiny toes around my waist and arch her back when I try to...

10 Signs You May Be Pregnant

I was texting Vannessa the other night and telling her how I wasn't feeling well all day.  She responded saying that she thought I was trying to tell her I am pregnant.  My response...

Easter Bunny Cupcakes

You've probably figured out I'm always scouring the net for fun holiday recipes.  A couple of years ago I found a recipe for Easter bunny cupcakes and decided to make them...they turned out darling!...

I’ll Take Two, Please

Having Twins?  Here are some suggestions to help you create your registry. To get you started, here is a word of advice based on my experience in creating a registry; Do your homework before you...

Products that Pamper

The countdown has officially begun!  We are anticipating the arrival of baby girl #2 in three weeks.  I must admit that I do enjoy being pregnant...that is, up until the last month.  That's right,...

Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo (the fifth of May) is this coming Sunday!  Quite a few people "celebrate" Cinco de Mayo by going out to a restaurant for margaritas and good Mexican cuisine, but do we...

Kristina’s Update on Baby #2

In case you didn't get the memo, Mike and I are expecting baby #2 and I promised I'd keep you up-to-date on the journey.  Since I last blogged about baby #2 in January a...
Kids Meals

Eating Out? Pick a Place Where Kids Eat Free!

When you don't have time to cook at home and are on your way out for a meal consider these restaurants where kids eat free.   Chick-fil-a Daddy-Daughter Date Night Saturday, March 23, 2013 {* Kids do not...