Easter Bunny Cupcakes


You’ve probably figured out I’m always scouring the net for fun holiday recipes.  A couple of years ago I found a recipe for Easter bunny cupcakes and decided to make them…they turned out darling!  I decided I wanted to share the bunny cupcake recipe with you but as I searched my recipe box for the directions, I realized it got lost somewhere in a move.  So, I searched the net for an Easter bunny recipe and found one at creationsbykara.com.  The cupcakes are so cute!  I thought you’d enjoy making them this week for your kids.  Here is a picture with the recipe…Have Fun!!

Bunny Cupcakes
What you need:
-cupcake mix and white frosting
-large marshmallows
-chocolate chips
-pink jelly beans
-pink sugar (Kara adds a few drops of food coloring to some sugar in a bowl, puts the lid on, and shakes it up until it blends together.)

How to assemble:
-Frost your cupcake with white frosting.
-Sprinkle with coconut.
-Cut large marshmallows into slices using scissors dipped in hot water. Dip one sliced end into pink sugar, then pinch at the bottom to form an ear. Push the pinched end onto the top of the cupcake slightly off center. Repeat for the other ear.
-Add chocolate chip eyes and a jelly bean nose. (Kara cuts jelly beans in half.)

That’s all there is to it!

Do you have any favorite Easter recipes or crafts?  Send us pictures!!

Credits: Recipe and images from creationsbykara.com {Check out her website, she’s got some great tips and craft ideas.}


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