100th Day of School

Hip, Hip, Hooray! It’s the 100th Day!

It's almost here: The 100th day of school! A whole day dedicated to a very important guest of honor: the number 100. Kiddos have a blast showing what they can do with the number...
Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas

2-4-6-8 Who Do We Appreciate

If you are part of any of the mama group pages on Facebook you've seen lots of people ask about Teacher Appreciation Week. All schools choose to celebrate this when it's good for them...
father's day gift guide

Tell Me What You Want, What You Really, Really Want. {Father’s Day Edition 2016}

Ok, mommas! We are 9 shopping days away from Father's Day. I'm sure there are some of you out there who purchased, wrapped and hid your gifts weeks ago, but there may be others of...
No Candy Valentines Day

No Candy, No Problem on Valentine’s Day

I think we'd all agree that there just some moments when our kiddos SHOULD NOT have another ounce of sugar in their systems! With most schools celebrating Valentine's Day on a Friday this year...
The Day My 3-Year-Old Used the "F" Word

The Day My 3-Year-Old Used the “F” Word

It had been a regular day for us. By regular I mean we had all overslept that morning, rushed to get dressed and out the door by 7:15, worked a ten + hour day and...
5 Teacher Gifts Under $20 with printables They are guaranteed to love! :: RGV Moms Blog

Teacher Gifts & Printables for Under $20

The holidays are quickly approaching and I always find myself stressing at the last minute over what teacher gifts to get my boys' teachers. I'm a firm believer in making sure they know just how...

Holiday Decorating on a Dollar Store Budget

Anyone else feel this way about their home? We've been in our house now for almost two years and as much as I want to have every room decorated and looking like it should...
To Dual or Not to Dual :: RGV Moms Blog

To Dual or not to Dual

"He who speaks two languages, is worth two persons." "El que sabe dos idiomas, vale por dos." Neither my husband nor I are fluent in Spanish. Unfortunate, I know. However having grown up speaking...
Father's Day Gift Guide 2015 :: RGV Moms Blog

Tell Me What You Want, What You REALLY, REALLY Want – Father’s Day Edition

Am I the only one who feels like we just celebrated Mother's Day, a few weddings and perhaps 1,000,000,000 graduations like last weekend?? No doubt the last few weekends have been jam packed with...

Tell me what you want, what you REALLY, REALLY want! — 2015 Edition

It always amazes me how quickly Mother's Day sneaks up on me. Of course I start to see the ads on social media and getting emails months before the day but yet here I...