Tell Me What You Want, What You REALLY, REALLY Want – Father’s Day Edition


Father's Day Gift Guide 2015 :: RGV Moms Blog

Am I the only one who feels like we just celebrated Mother’s Day, a few weddings and perhaps 1,000,000,000 graduations like last weekend?? No doubt the last few weekends have been jam packed with celebrations and up next on our calendars is Father’s Day on Sunday, June 21st. Aside from the ever precious homemade gifts from the littles here are a few things the men in our lives might truly enjoy. To be honest some of these gift ideas just might make your life a little easier too!

1. Yeti Colster – Hand protecting, beverage cooling, sweat-proof all in one. Perfect for all of dads favorite beverages. If this one little gadget can help me get rid of that one drawer my husband has claimed for his one million koozies than I’m all for it.

2. O’neill  Boardshorts – With the Yeti Colster in one hand and these O’neill board shorts on, dad is destined for some fun in the sun. These are available in a variety of fun and eye catching patterns which can help spot your husband right away on the sands.

3. Reef Fanning Sandals – Since it seems we may have a beach trip planned with the first two gift ideas, let’s complete the look with a pair of these roomy flip flops. The sporty look and concealed bottle opener on the outsole make these the perfect gift for dad! Yes we have gotten some awkward looks when my husband offers to help open someone’s bottle and goes straight for his shoe but it is a neat idea. We have purchased a few of these over the last few years and they are always the go to shoe for my husband.

4. Bluewave Express Card – Remember I talked about how some of these gifts might make your life easier too. Well here is the first one that might do just that. Most men are born with this love for carwashes. Take my husband for example who doesn’t understand why I don’t “want” to wash my car every week. And how my car is always “such a disaster” inside. “Don’t you just want to go to the carwash?” he asks every weekend. I always have to break his heart when I reply “uhhh, not really.” This Bluewave Express Card is perfect for them and us! With the Express Card you Reload, Reuse and get Rewarded. They can take their car everyday if their heart so desires and then take ours too!

5. Salt Lick BBQ Sampler – Salt Lick BBQ is always one of our stops when we are headed to or from Austin. Their BBQ sauce is a main reason why and now you can get it shipped right to your own grill at home! If dad is out cooking that means momma isn’t 🙂 That’s a win, win in my book.

6. Club Cleaning Kit – Now this item made my list thanks to me coming home Friday afternoon and finding my husband getting ready for his golf outing by cleaning his clubs with one of our nice towels and some other of my cleaning brushes. Hopefully this kit will help save our towels and keep the hubby’s clubs nice, clean and ready for his next game.

7. Valet Tray – Since we currently don’t have one of these, my husband’s favorite place to store his watch, change, rings, and phone is on top of our kitchen counter. I will often pick these up and move them to our dresser or bathroom to help save them from the four toddler hands in our household but then he’s in a panic in the morning when he can’t find them.  I’m hoping this great organizational tray will save us all when he sees it on his night stand. No more “Jen, have you seen my watch, ring, tie clip etc.”

8. Personalized Print – I love this idea and think it might be a fun DIY project. Now if doing it yourself is not quite your thing, no worries. Head on over to Etsy and get it customized, ordered and shipped just in time for Father’s Day.

9. Bluetooth Speaker – I’ll be the first to admit that when my husband first bought one of these I was not happy. I thought we didn’t need a new “toy” in the house. Having had it about a year now I think I may just love it more than him! It is perfect for an outing at the beach, for BBQing outside and has even found its place on some of his golf trips. Thanks to the Bluetooth technology it is easy to pair with just about any device and small enough to carry in our bags.

10. Braun Shaver – If you’re looking for the latest and greatest in shaving technology you just found it. The Braun Series 7 will give you the most “thorough and comfortable shave” and the “Braun’s Clean & Renew system, which will clean, charge, lubricate and dry your shaver at the touch of a button.” It is a great way to keep dad’s face nice and smooth and ready for all those Father’s Day kisses.


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