Tell Me What You Want, What You Really, Really Want. {Father’s Day Edition 2016}


Ok, mommas! We are 9 shopping days away from Father’s Day. I’m sure there are some of you out there who purchased, wrapped and hid your gifts weeks ago, but there may be others of you out there (ME) who have no idea where to even start — right? As I began looking for gift ideas for my husband, I laid out a couple of ground rules for myself:

1. Don’t overspend.

2. Look for things that will make my, our, his life easier. And…

3. Is this something that I could use when he gets tired of it?

Based on that criteria, here’s what I came up with:

Father's Day Gift Guide2016

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  1. Apple Watch – I think this might have been a “must have” for a while. Father’s Day, birthday, Christmas, anniversary —  it works for all occasions. In fact, for some dads out there, an Apple Watch might just be described as a dream come true. With just a raise of the wrist they have access to all their important information, music, maps, apps and so much more! I mean, you can even pay for your groceries with it. Also, I love that you can customize it to match the occasion or just your mood with a simple switch of the bands. This gift would definitely make things easier and more convenient for dad.
  2. Kiehl’s Facial Fuel Eye De-Puffer – So, here is one of the gifts I think I would love if he doesn’t. It’s small enough to carry in the car or even keep in his office, and helps with those “tired eyes” after a long day at work or even longer night out with the boys. It glides on easily and instantly offers a cooling effect that helps them keep lookin’ refreshed.
  3. Yeti – This brand was on my gift guide from last year and is still going strong. We started with a Yeti Colster in our household and now have moved up to several other items. As a matter of fact, a student just beat me to the Rambler I had been eyeing as a Father’s Day gift! You can’t go wrong with a Yeti product. With all the different options they offer, you’ll definitely find something for every dad out there.
  4. Wireless Beats – Sweat and water resistant — and tangle free! These wireless Beats are great for dad’s morning run or trip to the gym. You can even make and receive calls with this set.
  5. NFL Sunday Ticket – This is almost like the ticket money can’t buy. If the dad in your life is a football fan, they will love this. I’m not going to lie— this can get pricey, but the look of pure joy in their eyes as they watch game after game after game after game while jumping up and down and yelling at the TV is priceless. I know different cable companies offer their own packages, so call now and see how you can bring every game right into your living room/man cave.
  6. Sports Barber Shop – If you decide the Sunday Ticket is just not for you, you can still bring some sports into their lives and get a little grooming done at the same time, thanks to the Sports Barber Shop in McAllen. It’s a great way to help them “cut their stress” away in an upscale, relaxing, sports themed environment.
  7. Ticket Stub Shadow Box – I always like to include a DIY gift on these guides and here’s the one I’m working I will start working on for my husband this year. BK (not Burger King, but “before kids”), we traveled a lot and got to enjoy some great concerts and sporting events. My husband will not let me get rid of any of these ticket subs, so currently they stay safe (maybe) in our garage somewhere. I love this shadow box idea for his office and can hopefully get it done by the 19th!
  8. Kid-Proof Phone Case – My husband’s phone has been in one of these from Day One, and thank goodness it has. If your kids are anything like mine, you recognize the “I want daddy’s phone” cry. Yes, I know handing over your phone to a screaming toddler is not the best discipline practice out there, but I’m going to admit we have done it at time, and it has truly saved us. Dads need a durable, mashed potato-and-juice proof case that can withstand little fingers and the occasional drops—  and this one is a great one. This is a great way to protect dad’s phone AND wallet. If apple is not your cup of tee, Amazon has other great cases, too.
  9. Portable Battery Charger – Tying right into the gift above is this Fremo travel battery pack. Because chances are, if your little ones do reach for daddy’s phone, he might need a little battery boost afterwards. These can really come in handy when traveling as well. I really like the option of charging more than one device with this one.
  10. Father/Son Shaving Kit – I love this gift for the man and little man in your life. How often have you caught your little one staring at Dad while he shaves? This set comes with a chrome razor for Dad and a pretend razor for your little one. Even better is the price point!



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