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If you are part of any of the mama group pages on Facebook you’ve seen lots of people ask about Teacher Appreciation Week. All schools choose to celebrate this when it’s good for them because May can be so busy with events but National Teacher Appreciation Week is May 7-12. Now as much as I love me some cute Pinteresty gift more often that not I end up pinning something only to find myself a couple of days before the event with nothing! Case in point I still have nothing ready for my son’s teachers! Here are a few ideas to make Teacher Appreciation easier for you and to still show your child’s teacher just how much they mean to you and your little ones. 

  1. Gift Cards – There isn’t a teacher around who doesn’t appreciate a gift card, no matter what the amount. In fact I’d say most of them save them for the summer when they have time to go and enjoy them. You can get a gift card to just about anywhere these days. I’ve found that Walgreens and HEB have pretty good selections. Whether your child’s teacher enjoys coffee, shopping or the movies this site has FREE and cute printables to add to the gift card. Another great idea for these is to gather up a few of the other mommies in the class and pitch in for a little more on the card. One year the parents in my friend’s class knew she had just moved into a new apartment, their gift to her? A gift card to Bed, Bath and Beyond to help her get settled in, worked out perfect for her. 


2. Practical gifts – If gift cards aren’t your thing and you’d rather gift something they will use day in and day out. Many times teachers spend from their own pocket to stock up on supplies for their classrooms. Why not help them out with a few? Visit THIS  site for some really fun gift giving ideas and ready to print tags. With over 100 ideas, you’re sure to find something on this one

3. Handwritten Thank You – Last but not least perhaps the one gift that means the most to teachers is a simple handwritten thank you letter. Take a few minutes to jot down just how important they are to your little one and how much you appreciate them for the countless hours they spend prepping for and teaching their class. Want to go a little extra, send a copy to their principal! A handwritten note is always something teachers treasure and keep forever. Best thing about this gift is it’s FREE but holds the absolute most value! 

I hope you can find something on here to help make Teacher Appreciation Week a little easier for you and remember if the gift doesn’t make it to them this week or next that’s ok — there’s still 3 more weeks of school! 


Want even MORE ideas? Check out the following resource with ideas from our network of blogs across the country!

Teacher Appreciation Gifts and FREE Printable | City Moms Blog Network



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