Micro-Resolutions for Summertime


If you had to boil it down, RGV Mama, what is essential for you to feel like it’s summertime? Whether you work full- or part-time, in or out of the home, RGV summers have a different vibe from the rest of the year. That means you get to decide what to focus on, what defines it as summer.

In September, when you get asked the inevitable question: “did you have a good summer?” what do you want to be able to say?

Some of the things that help me appreciate the summertime include weekend barbecuing with friends, setting up the puzzle table in the living room, afternoon swims, and choosing one summer hobby. I think it’s generally better to choose healthy and life-affirming summer micro-resolutions, and you can test them to see if they improve your quality of life or not. 

Micro-Resolutions for Summertime

Here are 40 more ideas for how to have a memorable summer!

  1. Swimming/Splash parks
  2. Play games
  3. Lunch dates
  4. Eat outside
  5. Go to bed late
  6. Wake up earlier or later
  7. Eat more salads
  8. Read more/different books
  9. A flexible schedule
  10. Spontaneity
  11. Be more lax about… rules, dishes, bedtime, etc.
  12. No make-up
  13. No cooking
  14. Trip to SPI
  15. Reconnect with old friends
  16. Summer reading club
  17. Observing a weekly Sabbath day
  18. Yoga
  19. Meditation
  20. Weekly trip to the raspa stand
  21. A new self-care ritual
  22. Cook with kids once a week — letting them choose the menu
  23. Summer limited screen rules
  24. Movie nights (Cities across the Valley offer outdoor movie nights during the summer! Check our Event Guide for more!)
  25. Learning a new game together
  26. Make a new friend
  27. Build/paint/reupholster something
  28. Make a photo album
  29. Make a summer playlist
  30. Family trip
  31. Camp in the backyard
  32. Host friends for dinner
  33. Read poetry
  34. Explore different RGV cities 
  35. Sett an end-of-summer goal and working toward it
  36. Learn a new language
  37. Volunteer (alone or as a family)
  38. Take evening walks
  39. Learn to bake bread
  40. Clean the garage

Add your own summer micro-resolutions in the comments section!

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