RGVMB Top Posts of 2018 {Parenting}


We’re rounding out the year with a breakdown of our top posts of 2018. Today, we’re looking at our top contributor posts that spoke to the world of parenting, in all of its twists and turns! 

Our RGVMB contributors’ top posts of 2018 take a close-up look at competition, freedom, and give us permission to let our kids cry.

Giana throws up the white flag and gives moms everywhere the encouragement to give each other grace.

Dear other mom, I’m calling a truce. Sometimes, the idea of you gets lodged in my mind, this unattainable standard, and I fall short. Every time. Then I remember the truth: you’re doing the very best you can, just as I am.

Dear Other Mom, You Win

Jen makes a confession that rings true with us all. 

Relish in your perfect imperfections. They are what breed humanity and humility within us.

Confessions Perfect Sorry

Mariana encourages us to send our kids outside to play, and to reach out to a neighbor in need.

Let’s learn to be neighbors. Let’s look up into the faces of other human beings instead of down at the phone in our hand. 

Lets Sit Outside Kids Freedom

Jen takes on the roller coaster ride that is parenting. 

Please keep your hands and feet inside the ride at all times. The ride can get a bit bumpy, but trust us, it will go much faster than you expect.

Parenthood Roller Coaster Ride

Mariana challenges us all to embrace and encourage our children to express their emotions.

“You’re okay” is the last thing I want to hear when I’ve fallen, físicamente o espiritualmente, and I know for a fact that I am not okay.

Tristeza Sadness


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