Parenthood: The (Roller Coaster) Ride of a Lifetime


Attention ladies and gentlemen, thank you for choosing to ride the Ultimate Thrill Coaster – PARENTHOOD! Please keep your hands and feet inside the ride at all times. The ride can get a bit bumpy, but trust us, it will go much faster than you expect. 

Parenthood Roller Coaster Ride

Pregnancy can be exciting, and could easily be considered a stand-alone ride in its own right, but this is just the beginning! A bonus on our little adventure coaster!! There are many a twist and turn on this, the intro to our journey, but once labor begins, prepare for the first big drop!  Gentlemen, as your partner endures labor please realize that the pain she is in is a real son of a —

Beach days will never be the same, my dears. Ladies, your bodies have changed since that first big drop, and now you have a bouncing bundle of joy to chase around and watch over like a hawk. The first days of parenthood likely will not include the beach, but will have plenty of diapers full of —

Shiitake mushrooms may be tasty, but they are not often recommended for nursing moms. There are, however, loads of other foods that offer integral nutrients for breastfeeding moms! Be sure to look into our lactation cookie recipe, and remain hydrated during this time! Toddling is just around the corner and as it is full of sharp turns and wicked twists, it can sometimes feel like a real pain in the —

Aspirin is always your friend when the kids are running around like maniacs. It has actually been proven to be good for your heart (in measured quantities), which is always helpful considering the fact that your heart will most likely reside in your throat or in a pit at the bottom of your stomach — depending what your toddler has gotten themselves into. This time is fleeting, however, so enjoy all of the snuggles, and kisses, because the first time the kid gets mad at you and yells, “I hate you!!” it hurts like a mother —

Suckers used to be all they needed. Now not only are they growing at an alarming rate, but it seems as if their possessions and necessities keep amplifying well! Trucks are ideal for hauling around your school-aged children, their supplies, and classmates. One day they’re playing with Lightening McQueen, and the next they’re asking you for the newest iPhone. The highs and lows of their feelings can be astronomical, (I told you it was a crazy ride) and sometimes their life and death concerns can sound to you like a load of bull —

Shift your thinking. Don’t let your temper get the best of you. Ask questions. They need you now more than ever. Teens can be full of emotions that don’t always make sense, but they are trying to grapple with all of these big feelings without the adult sensibilities and experiences that you possess. It is frustrating – infuriating, even, but that is the reality of growing up. 

It’s graduation day. The ride is coming to a close. As we slow down be careful exiting the vehicle. You’re not quite done. The sky is still spinning above you, and your feet are still shaky as they hit the ground. The truth is the ride is never over. You’re in it for life, but guess what — it’s a blast. Nothing has ever made you laugh, cry, scream or feel queasy quite like this. It’s a lifetime of thrills, and you are a bonafide thrill seeker, daredevil, and adventurer. Congratulations, and welcome to the parenthood club.


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Jennifer is the lucky mother of three boys, Dean (3) and Dante (2) (yup, back to back), and Diego (2 months). So life normally resembles either a crazed, juice-fueled dance party, or a giggle powered wrestling match. When she is not prowling around the house like a t-rex she teaches high school AP Social Studies, coaches UIL and is a self proclaimed "fit-ish mom" (translation: food is heaven, but the gym is therapy.) She grew up in Edinburg, and is a graduate of Florida State University with a degree in Political Science and Theater. After college, she bounced to Los Angeles where she began acting, print modeling, and worked for a high profile mortuary. After about 5 years she came back to her roots in the RGV, met her incredibly sweet husband, and the rest, as they say, is history.


  1. As always I lov reading your blogs cousin!! Such great writers in our family! Glad you have this awesome outlet that lets us enjoy it!!


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