Farewell, First Home


Dear Cozy Home,

As I rounded the corner to wrap up my evening walk today, I stood and admired your beauty. Your red brick exterior covered in ivy with blue-gray shutters is second to none. I remember when I first saw you, almost six years ago, and immediately fell in love. I would discreetly drive by at different times throughout the week, praying that you would be the one.

At just ten months old, our firstborn son explored your lush, green grass in the backyard, ball in hand. Desperate to show you off, we immediately had professional photos taken. Any excuse was a good one to have family and friends over.First Home Photo Shoot

You made our dreams come true. Visions of filling up your rooms and creating a piano studio came to fruition within a few years. You saw the birth of our daughters, and our children took turns sleeping in your nursery. You were gracious with me as I wobbled around after each delivery, clinging to your walls and furniture.

Your big oak in the front yard kept us cool and provided shade to those that needed it most, the long branches welcoming everyone that stepped foot inside. Your walls were full of laughter and occasional tears. You became a safe place for many.

I apologize if there were moments, more recently, that I made you feel like you were not big enough, or fancy enough. You continually captured my heart, and reminded me of the importance of being content, grateful, and present in each moment.

First Home Orange Blossom

This spring, our favorite citrus tree grew the loveliest and most fragrant blooms; I almost thought the neighbors were growing jasmine! When the wind blew, they fell like a light cascade of snowflakes. My husband looked out and said, “Maybe it means a blessing is coming.” Now I know, it was your way of saying good-bye.

First Home For Sale

We know you have the perfect family in mind for whom you will provide shelter. We move forward in confidence, knowing that we have given you our best. Continue to be a light in our community. We will never have another first family home again.

All my love,


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Giana Gallardo Hesterberg is a native RGV (Brownsville) mom. After graduating from Central College in Pella, Iowa (2004) with a degree in Elementary Education, and residing in the midwest for 7 years, she returned to her roots and married her love. Happily married for 9 years (to Beau), with 3 children (Jack-7, Cecily-4, and Felicity-2) and 1 dog (Hershey, a Chocolate Lab), she is currently living the dream. She is a teacher for VIPKID, a company that trains American teachers to teach ESL to Chinese students online. In her spare time, she enjoys blogging, gardening, baking, traveling, and dancing to 80’s music whenever and wherever it’s played! She has written for Woman’s World, The Mighty, Earnest and God-sized Dreams.



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