10 Simple Ways to Show Your Kids You Care


Valentine’s Day seems like ages ago, doesn’t it? Most of us parents probably went out to dinner with our significant other, leaving the kids at hime with a sitter or Grandma. Some of your kids, especially the elementary-aged ones, may have noticed that they got less attention. That’s why making sure our children feel special and loved is something we should focus on all year. So, I thought I would share 10 ways you can show your kids that you care anytime of year to make them feel special.

10 Simple Ways to Show Your Kids You Care:

  1. Learn their friends’ names.

  2. Meet their friends.

  3. Listen — really listen — to their stories.

  4. Hide surprises for them to find.

  5. Add to their collections.

  6. Ask for their opinion.

  7. Write them a chalk message on the sidewalk.

  8. Respect them.

  9. Be silly together.

  10. Let them act their age.

BONUS: Take them out on a date (open the door, buy them a rose, the whole shebang!)Love You - You are Special

On a personal note, we have been going through a difficult time with my daughters, ages 12, 7 and 4, because my husband has a new job out of town and only visits on the weekend. (We will be moving up with him at the end of the school year!) They miss him dearly. So, when he does come home for the weekend, these are some of the things that we incorporate into his time with them — to help them feel even more special. 

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