Love as an Action




Who can say that she has a husband that does everything for her? I can. It’s the little things that count— like fixing the coffee in the morning and packing lunch for me. Making sure the girls are bathed and ready for bed by the time I get home. Just knowing what kind of tea I like counts.

Basically, having a husband who knows who you are inside and out; from head to toe and side to side is what matters. Saying I love you means a thousand things, but showing it in actions means so much more. Especially when you have two beautiful daughters and he takes such good care of them, that love for their mother shows through in those actions. How many of us can say that? How many of us wish we had that?

We can make it happen. By being one together and by showing our kids that what matters the most is sitting right next to us at the dinner table, in church, and at a country western concert. Tell that person sitting next to you that you love them from head to toe, inside and out. Tell your kids that you love them inside and out, from head to toe. At times, we don’t always hear it. Sometimes, we don’t have to— it’s said best with our actions. Not with a phrase, nor a sentence, nor a scolding, but with the pure love of an action.

I challenge you to just sit and take a moment to reflect on those little things that show your love through actions for your kids, for your wife, for your husband, or for a significant other.

I challenge you to just say something positive to them that will lead to those words that matter:  “I love you.”

Love through action is what matters.


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Reflecting on the many blessings I have I can say that I'm fortunate to be in God's favor. I have two beautiful daughters that have brought a change of life to our home. My husband and I have known each other since we met in the fifth grade. We call ourselves elementary sweet hearts. Our lives have brought us together in ways we never imagined. Living life together has made the journey easier and well worth the memories we share. Currently, I am a second grade teacher and I hold a bachelors in sociology and a masters in education administration. As an educator, I have become an advocate for children and teachers. Believing in others that they can achieve anything they set their minds on helps them succeed. People today need to be compassionate about what they do for a living and that's me-I am a compassionate, strong willed woman who will aim high in achieving success and helping others achieve their own goals.


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