Melissa May Gama Bean

Melissa May Gama Bean
Reflecting on the many blessings I have I can say that I'm fortunate to be in God's favor. I have two beautiful daughters that have brought a change of life to our home. My husband and I have known each other since we met in the fifth grade. We call ourselves elementary sweet hearts. Our lives have brought us together in ways we never imagined. Living life together has made the journey easier and well worth the memories we share. Currently, I am a second grade teacher and I hold a bachelors in sociology and a masters in education administration. As an educator, I have become an advocate for children and teachers. Believing in others that they can achieve anything they set their minds on helps them succeed. People today need to be compassionate about what they do for a living and that's me-I am a compassionate, strong willed woman who will aim high in achieving success and helping others achieve their own goals.
The Forsaken Burden: Battling Depression

The Forsaken Burden: Battling Depression as a Mom

  Life in the past two years has not been a joyful path for me. The burden of depression has been strong, even as I have fought and battled against it.  In truth, depression took over my...

For the Love of Books

“I’m not buying you the books! The school has a library!”  These words echoed from four aisles down from where I was standing in the seasonal section at Target. The words hit me...
Robo Mom is Now How I Mom

Robo Mom is “Now” How I Mom

"Robo mom! Mommy you are going to be like a robot," expressed my six year old with excitement. Those were not exactly the comforting words I was seeking, but coming from my daughter they...
What do we want to teach our kids?

What We Want to Teach Our Children

  Doesn’t everybody have those moments where you just want to give up and crawl under a blanket and not hear of it any more so it can all disappear?  Maybe you imagine starting anew in...

Back to school — already?

“Back to school – already? It’s too soon!” is what I said to myself as I was walking around Target during the first week of July.
happy happiness

Mommy’s Happy List

As the days unfold, I can think of many happy moments. My Mommy Happy List consists of those many moments of happiness that make our hearts smile.
My Dance

My Dance: Reflecting on My Steps in Life

Have you ever thought of a song that you can’t seem to let go, and you continue to hum it over and over? Or, have you heard that one song on the radio that touches you so...

Because I love you…

“Because I told you so” doesn’t sound like a reasonable answer for our kids, now does it? Not for mine.

Love as an Action

  Who can say that she has a husband that does everything for her? I can. It’s the little things that count— like fixing the coffee in the morning and packing lunch for me. Making sure...
unconditional love

Unconditional Love

  Is unconditional love from the heart or from pure sight of our children? What does it look like? How does it feel? What does it mean? Webster's Dictionary gives us a word-based definition of unconditional love....