Because I’m Your Wife



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It has come to my attention that my husband doesn’t know a few of the things I am entitled to do simply because I am his wife. For example, the ongoing agree-to-disagree, in which the wife always wins round one.

Then comes the obvious others like:

  • Reminding him of upcoming bills… weekly.
  • Pretending to be in a deep sleep when baby cries for a bottle at 2am.
  • Stare at him annoyingly while watching “The Big Bang Theory.”
  • Pleading not to make noise when getting ready at 4am because it will awaken kids 2 and 3… In other words, “go live in the garage.” Haha!
  • Gladly cook chicken, rice and broccoli 4 times a week. (Fast, easy and cheap!)
  • Hoard papers, candy wrappers, and trash on the side of the drivers door

I mean, I could go on indefinitely about how my behavior is justified by the simple fact that because I am your wife, it’s completely acceptable for me to drive you nuts!

But, on the other hand… because I’m your wife, I will always:

  • Pay a bill without you noticing because I know when times are rough.
  • Even if I pretend to be asleep at 2am, I get up anyways to put baby to sleep.
  • Continue to stare at you during your favorite show, reminding myself of how I long to grow old together.
  • Wait for your good-bye kiss at 4:30am.
  • Surprise you with “arroz con leche.”
  • Clean your car interior with Pledge and a little Febreeze.

And I will always love you….because I chose to be your wife ’til death do us apart.




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