AnaLaura Ruiz

AnaLaura Ruiz
AnaLaura, born in Mexico City and raised in the RGV,is married and in love with husband Martin Ruiz. Together they have been blessed with three quesadilla eating girls Camila (4), Anabelen (2) and Gemma (3m). When she's not pinning,she's salsa dancing. When she's not dancing, she's facebooking,cooking,cleaning, volunteering or all at once and in between a "mami". As a former elementary teacher, this housewife and full time mummy's daily lesson plan changes by the minute! Somedays are hectic, some are adventurous but with endless hugs, kisses and diapers!!

How I Mom :: AnaLaura {Lifestyle Series}

Our #HowIMom series continues! This week, our RGVMB Sponsorship Coordinator is at the keyboard, sharing her parenting style.    Hi, I'm AnaLaura. This is How I Mom. First things first, coffee. I can't mom without it! After...
Me? Never! Motherhood.

Me? …Never!

I admit: before being a mother I have some very strong preconceived notions of what I would "never" do. Of course, parenting has taught me otherwise.
Marrying Older Just Like Wine

Marrying Older – Just Like Wine

"What are you two going to have in common?" my mom asked, when I had mentioned that my then-boyfriend, at 14, was older than I. How much older? Just by a four-year punch but...

When will I let them know?

I've got it "made" they say. Having daughters (three of them) is like a never ending cycle. You raise them, they marry, and they are back in your house ....with grandkids...everyday... so it feels...

The Bickers & The Sours [Bullying]

For those of you that know me (and those of you that are beginning to), know that I have been a victim of bullying during my childhood, adolescence and even adulthood in the workplace....
Because I'm Your Wife :: RGV Moms Blog

Because I’m Your Wife

It has come to my attention that my husband doesn't know a few of the things I am entitled to do simply because I am his wife. For example, the ongoing agree-to-disagree, in which the wife...
Co-showering - How Old is Too Old?

How old is too old? [Co-showering]

At what age does it become inappropriate to be co-showering or bathing with your child? One, three, five.....never? In my case I find it rather easy because I have three girls and I bathe with...

Santa’s Role in my Catholic Home

I grew up believing in Santa Claus and at the same time I grew believing in Jesus and Mary, the angels, Bethlehem and the whole nativity story. And although sometimes we think that society...

Night Terrors 411

  They say the biggest act of love is when your child wakes you up in the middle of the night crying at the top of their lungs, yelping for help. There's no greater love than...

10 Habits I acquired as a mom

  As every mom knows, when you are given that precious baby for the first time your life has changed from how you think to how you do things. I never thought I would acquire...