Making Room WITH a Music Room – 30 Weeks and Counting


In keeping up with my nesting instinct, this weekend was project #2 in our preparation for baby #3. If you missed project # 1, you can read about it here: Nesting at 28 Weeks – Getting Ready for Baby

Room for One
Time for transformation into a room for TWO

10 Weeks and Counting

We are two weeks closer to the due date now (July 5th) and have moved on to the second step, which is addressing the sleeping arrangements. We got to work again this weekend on this list of preparation.

Here’s the plan.

Step 1: Sort all clothes. Group by sizes. Store anything too small for boy 1 and boy 2 (ages 2.5 and 1, respectively).

Step 2: Introduce co-sleeping to my sons. Time to start sharing a room, boys. (They play mainly in one anyway!) — SEE THE RESULTS BELOW

Step 3: Prepare the soon-to-be vacant bedroom to be the nursery.

Step 4: Figure out how to safely fit three car seats in my vehicle.

Step 5: Clean and sanitize baby things – clothes, breast pump, crib, etc.

Step 6: Exercise and eat healthy.

Step 7: Pack a bag for the hospital.

Step 8: Delivery, etc. – Preregister at hospital, Enlist help from grandparents to watch the boys and feed the dog, Get the camera ready, Check the Full Moon calendar

Step 9: Figure out what other steps have not been included yet, hopefully before July 5th, or July 4th, or June 27th.

The Room Shuffle

The pressing item right now is nailing down potty training and editing the current sleeping arrangements.

Room for One

We live in a four bedroom house, so in theory everyone could actually have their own room. However, there is a bit of a back story here.

In our first home, before we had any children, the distribution of our three bedrooms were Master, Guest Room, and MUSIC ROOM. Guess which one became the nursery when our first son was born?  If you guessed guest, you must not know how much grandparents and family want to stay over and visit their grandchild!

The Music Room was out, sort of merged into corners of rooms and closets, and my son had a room across the hall from the guest room. (Insert sad face here.)

That’s not happening this time. Music is really important in our family, and their position in the house is set. SO the boys get to share a room for the first time ever! (In a way, they share it all the time now as they play in there all the time.)

Where to put the Bookshelf


To make room for the crib, the bookshelf was re-positioned into a corner by the closet.

We wanted our older son to have his new bed in his old spot, so the crib was moved to the opposite wall to allow space for the twin bed.

Next it was time for some assembly, and of course the boys wanted to help!

Working on ItWork in Progress


A short bath later given by daddy while mommy finished it all off with the new Lightening McQueen sheets… the excitement continued! Try getting a toddler to bed who has a new bed with new sheets. It’s not on my list of top ten easiest things to do, but it was fun.

First Look
His first peek at the new bed
Snuggled In
Straight out of his towel and into the sheets. Jammies? Who needs them?
Eager to Check it Out
Both were so excited to check out the new bed

Everybody Loves It

New Bed

 The final BEFORE and AFTER, from room for ONE to room for TWO!

Room for One Room for Two


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