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That time has come where every year we all don on our rubber gloves, grab a bag and start cleaning house. We want to lighten our loads as summer approaches and some of us are still trying desperately to cling to our new year’s resolutions (though shalt be more organized). Some projects are easier to tackle than others like the pantry or medicine cabinet…but when it comes to my daughter’s things, well, let’s just say I struggle a bit. I tend to get a bit emotional when I look through her clothes or old toys and end up taking a very long trip down memory lane (anyone else get that way?). For some reason I have a much easier time sorting through her things if I know where they will be going to next. And hey, if I make a little dough by getting rid of too tiny clothes and toys, well…that’s just the cherry on top. And just for the record, any money made goes straight into my little pink thing’s piggy bank 🙂 So, here are a few ways to find new homes for your child’s old things:


The Children’s Orchard

This store accepts gently used children’s clothes (sizes newborn-12 years old), toys, and equipment. How does it work?

You can make an appointment with their sales staff if you have a lot of things, or you can take your chances as a walk in if you have a few items. The sales staff will go through your stash and decide what they will accept. If there are any tears, stains, or major damage they will not accept the item. The pay off? Once they’ve inspected your things they will show you what they want and what did not meet their standards. You may then choose to take the unwanted items back or donate them right there to the charity of the day (yay – no lugging back your haul). Next, you just have to check a box – cash or store credit. If you choose store credit you will get 25% more than your cash offer and if it’s your first time selling they will offer you 50% in store credit –KAHCHING!

Babies R Us

If you’ve got an old or unsafe crib, playpen, car seat, bassinette, stroller, walker, bouncer, toddler or kids beds you can bring them to Babies R Us in exchange for 25% off a new item during their “Great Trade In” events which are held twice a year (once in the spring and once in the fall). This is a fantastic way to get rid of the old and unsafe, and make way for the new and improved…and hello – who doesn’t want to save 25%, right? The next event will be in the fall (date to be determined), so keep your eyes peeled post summer 🙂

Just Between Friends

Want to sell your baby gear without actually doing the selling and still have some control over the sales price? Well, then JBF may just be for you. By signing up to sell on their website you can catalogue all your gently used baby items (clothes, shoes, toys etc.), determine your price and all you have to do is drop off your goods on “drop off day” and the wonderful JBF staff will take care of the rest (just make sure you follow all the guidelines as stated on their website). JBF gives you the freedom to make some choices when it comes to selling. Are you willing to slash your prices by 50% on the last day or not? Once the sale is over do you want to pick up your items that didn’t sell or would you prefer to donate them to Buckner International (an organization that helps less fortunate families)? The perks? As a consigner you will get to peruse the goods the day before the public, you will earn 60% of the sales price and if you choose to volunteer during the sale you can make up to 70% of the sales price. I got to go to JBF’s event this past weekend and I must say I was pretty impressed. So whether you’re buying or selling, go check them out during their next event in September 😉

 Garage Sale

This will require a little leg-work on your part, but I have found that it’s been a fairly easy way to pass on my old baby gear and make a few buckaroos 😉 I will say this however, beware or your pricing strategy. Leave room for negotiation. Don’t mark your items too high or else people won’t even think about making an offer. Something that has worked for us is sorting clothing by size, putting them in their respective boxes and then selling the entire box for $10 (if someone wants to haggle, you can always settle for $8 and call it a day). Also, make sure you’re not selling any items that have been recalled, so please double check your gear.


The Carousel Upscale Resell

Don’t feel like lugging your things to and fro? Then Stephanie Garza, owner of The Carousel Upscale Resell will come to you! Stephanie looks for previously loved mall brand or better children’s clothing, shoes, and accessories in sizes newborn to 14. She will consider any brands that you might find at the mall such as Gap, Janie and Jack, Rare Editions to boutique names like Persnickety, Matilda Jane, Anavini and of course the hottest in haute baby couture by designers such as Burberry, True Religion, and Juicy Couture. Stephanie will sort through your items and make a cash offer for the lot. Stephanie is on Facebook (The-Carousel-Upscale-Childrens-Resell) and you can look up her shop there. She will even come to your house and pay cash on the spot!

Donate, Give Away or Pay It Forward

This seems like such an obvious choice. There are many places that will accept your children’s gently used clothing, toys, and equipment. If you don’t have friends or family members in need of your goods there are donation bins around the city (I know of at least one over by the HEB on 10th and Fern, and another by the HEB on Trenton and N. 10th), and of course places such as Goodwill will happily accept your items and you can get a receipt for your tax returns (hooray).

 How about you? What do you do with your kiddos old things? If you know of any additional places, charities, or organizations here in the RGV that accept or need donations pertaining to children’s gear let us know!

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  1. Yes! My daughter gets all of my granddaughters clothing at Children’s Orchard! The best part is that most of what she purchases she has store credit to use by selling everything she outgrows so quickly. So grandma doesn’t spend an arm and a leg either! haha


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