Stephanie Cullum

Stephanie Cullum
Hey y’all! My name is Stephanie, a stay-at-home mommy, former teacher, Gemini, lover of books, quirky shoes, jeans (I own like twenty of them), coffee, travel and good food…oh and I’m also a wife and mother to my one and only daughter – she’s two and cute as a button! I’m half American and half German, born in Argentina, and grew up in Germany, Hong Kong and Singapore before moving to Dallas to go to college (go SMU). Needless to say I’m not a native to the Rio Grande Valley, but my husband is. He enticed me down here with the promise of good Mexican food, beaches, and close proximity to a foreign country – so here we are six years later and I couldn’t be happier calling the RGV home!

Let it Snow – Have some cocoa!

Well it finally looks like the weather is cooling down to sweater-wearing temperatures and you can bet your toasty little toes that I have a nifty little craft up my fleece-lined sleeve ;) I...
Tom Turkey Craft :: Mason Jar DIY Craft for Thanksgiving

Tom Turkey Craft

Looks like I’m still going strong with the jar crafts folks :). What can I say I’m a sucker for easy and inexpensive projects… oh and if I can incorporate it into a holiday...

I Want My Mummy Halloween Craft!!!

So, it's almost Halloween, and I know what you’re thinking, “Didn’t she just write about a jar craft?” Why yes, yes I did! I just might make this a personal challenge – how many...
Chasing Fireflies Craft - Holding on to Summer

Chasing Fireflies Craft – Holding on to Summer

School has started and summer is officially over, but I’m just not ready to let go of that easy breezy feeling that comes with this season. You know what I mean; the feeling that lingers...
When Your Kids Writes on the Couch... Mama the Stain Master

When Your Kid Writes on the Couch… Removing Pen Stains

A stain by any other name is a stain…or is it? Let’s face it – children are delightfully messy creatures. Even when you find yourself removing pen stains from the couch. In the early days...
Packing It Up With Toddler in Tow :: RGV Moms Blog

Packing It Up with Toddler in Tow

House hunting is exciting. Finding your new family home is exhilarating. But let’s face it, moving is for the birds! With 14 moves under my belt (local and international combined) I consider myself a...

You Know You’re A Mom When…

Well, we all knew that once our little bundles of joy arrived into this world that life, as we knew it would change. Here are some of the things in my life that sometimes...

From Me, To You – Sweet Sentiments for Valentine’s Day

There’s nothing better than a hand-made Valentine’s Day card, especially when they come from our little cupids ☺. Whether the lovely creation is for a teacher, friends, or grand-ma and grand-pa the quandary always...

Where is Thumbkin? (Breaking the Habit of Thumb-Sucking)

If you would’ve asked me that question three weeks ago I would have said, “in my daughter’s mouth.” That’s right Ladies and Gentlemen: I am the parent of a thumb sucker…well, actually as of...
Mom's Pot Roast :: RGV Moms Blog

Mom’s Pot Roast

Nothing says “comfort food” to me like a delicious, made from scratch, pot roast! My mom always made a mean pot roast and because I like sharing the love I’m passing on the recipe...