Your Pregnant Body – The Perks


Perks of Being Pregnant - RGV Moms BlogHi there!

I’m your pregnant body. You wouldn’t believe all the awesome/precious/beautiful/miraculous things I am doing to grow your baby.

  • For starters, I am growing you a whole other organ called a Placenta. It will act as a bridge between you and your baby.
  • My estrogen levels will rise at alarming rates. In fact, I will produce more estrogen in one day of pregnancy than I would in three whole years not being pregnant! Yikes! This is important so that my uterus can grow. It is also needed so that my milk ducts can grow (more on that in a bit!) and make the cells that will line my vessels so that blood can run freely to and from my placenta.
  • My metabolism will increase. But this doesn’t mean you can literally eat for two.
  • My brain will shrink. – Listen, every cloud has a silver lining. Milk it ladies! They call it “mommy brain” and it’s perfectly acceptable, if not normal, for it to stay around for years after baby is born. At least that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.
  • My placenta will produce relaxin which will cause the whole body to loosen up. This information will make your husband a very happy man although the real purpose of “loosening up” isn’t for his benefit. I’ll need relaxin so that my uterus can grow, my pelvis can expand, my arteries can expand to push through a higher volume of blood and so that my joints and the curvature of the back can loosen up to prepare for the carrying and delivering of your baby.
  •  I will glow. No really. It happens because the amount of blood I produce will increase by 50% while pregnant. So that extra blood will cause my cheeks to be rosier. Also, because of the increase in hormones in me (your body), the oil glands will become more active, resulting in a softer, shinier appearance. Combine the increased blood flow with shine and you get a noticeable glow.

Photo Credits: Melinda Gutierrez of 4Ever After Photography

You can also thank me for these perks I score you:

  • Just the mere sight of you will invoke smiles from strangers. There is just something about seeing a pregnant woman that makes people smile.
  • You’ll need naps and you won’t need excuses! I mean, look at all the work I am doing!
  • You’ll see a softer, gentler, side of your husband that will bring you to tears (which you can thank the hormones for). You’ll get to see your husband melt at the sight of your pregnant belly. You may even bring him to tears when he hears your baby’s heartbeat or feels your baby move.
  • Now you can have copious amounts of unprotected, uninhibited sex (with your spouse!) and not worry about getting pregnant! Throw the birth control pills or ovulation kits in the trash!
  • People will open doors for you (and smile at you!).
  • Stork parking at Babies R’ Us and CVS pharmacies!
  • You can now throw out all of your pads and tampons. No more periods! Can I get an “Amen!”?
  • At parties and social gatherings, you will be urged to eat first. And if you politely decline, they will insist! And if the food is delicious, they will further insist you have seconds, after all, you are eating for two;)
  • You’ll love the extra attention your husband gives you. We’re talking foot rubs, back rubs, bringing you water, catering to your crazy late night, early morning cravings. And if you have other, older children, he’ll help more with bath times and bed times and homework. And some weekends, he’ll take the kids out for breakfast and visits with Grandma so that you can you sleep in (because of all the work I did while you slept). Again, milk it ladies!!!!
  • BIGGER BOOBS! Need I say more?
  • You will accomplish things you never thought you would be so proud to accomplish. And it will all be without any conscious effort on your part! I mean, you can now say, “Today I made ears.”. How cool is that!?
  • Baby showers! SO much fun to celebrate such a beautiful blessing with those you love and hold dear! Oh, and the gifts are pretty spiffy too;)

Sincerely (and you’re welcome),

Your pregnant body.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post from your pregnant body and all the rude/vulgar/embarrassing things it does while your pregnant!

*Disclaimer: This is not really your pregnant body talking to you. That would be weird. The information in this post is from various sources on the internet and have not been provided by a licensed OBGYN. All women have different experiences while pregnant and some of these symptoms you may not experience. And some symptoms you may experience that we did not share above.




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