Fall Fashion Finds


The first day of fall is tomorrow (Saturday, September 22, 2012)!!  Oh, the aromas of pumpkin, cinnamon, and spice fill the air and colors of orange, red, and yellow fill our gardens.  The days feel cooler (two or three degrees here) and the nights are perfect for a glass of wine out on the patio.  It’s a season filled with beauty!

Speaking of beauty, here are a few fall 2012 fashion trends according to Elle Magazine.

Image Credit : Mainstream Behind the Scenes with Aveda 

Image Credit : Mainstream Behind the Scenes with Aveda 


Perfect Ponytails


Hair Ornaments

Buns, Braids, and Twists

Perfectly Imperfect Texture

Bouffants (think vintage Sofia Lauren)

Rich Chocolate, Cool Reds

Deep Side Parts



Deep Berry Shades

Nail Art

Peacock Blue

Pale Lavender

High Shine Red

Charcoal with fleets of gold

Lavender Taupe

Shiny Silver

Image Credit : Lelê Breveglieri

Make an appointment to visit your salon very soon and get out and enjoy your weekend!  Happy Autumn!!


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