10 Insider Tips for RGV Fall Fashion: How to Enjoy the Season without Burning Up


Hey, RGV Mamas! It’s officially Fall, at least according to the calendar! Even though our temperatures are still reliably in the 90s, we all are itching to make a few changes in our wardrobe, in hopes of cooler days ahead. So, from our RGV Moms Blog Contributors to you, here are a few fall fashion lessons that we’ve learned the hard way!

10 Insider Tips for RGV Fall Fashion

1:  Excited to let your littles get festive for Halloween? Want to look cute for trick-or-treating? We’ve got two words for you: SHORT. SLEEVES. You’ll thank us later! (see how my kids are sweating at the pumpkin patch?!)

fall fashion 4
fall fashion 6

2:  Fall on the calendar does not equal the ability for you to wear your hair down. Keep your pony-tail/chongo/top knot streak going for now.

3:  Ready to change it up with long pants and scarves? That’s fine, but you better keep your chanclas handy, because it’s definitely not the time for close-toed shoes yet!

4:  Change your colors, not your fabric weight or sleeve length! Sweaters are NOT your friends.

fall fashion 5

5:  Scarves and shorts can totally work. Light-weight scarves, that is!

fall fashion 1

6:  Exchange your cropped yoga pants for the full-length yoga pants, but keep those short sleeves and tank tops handy.

fall fashion 5

7:  Carry around a pumpkin-spice latte as an accessory, but don’t drink it too fast and overheat!

Fall Fashion Accessory: Pumpkin Spice Latte

8:  Prioritize your cutest fall outfits because you *might* have three chances to wear each of your top picks before it all heats back up again (you know, in February…)

9:  You know what sixty degrees in the morning means, right? Time to bust out your heavy jacket! But, you know it will top 80 (or 90) by the time you pull in to the school pick-up line, so match your favorite chanclas with that coat!

10. Got a new fall shirt that’s calling your name? Go ahead and wear that long-sleeve shirt, but pair it with bermuda shorts and cute sandals!

fall fashion 7

We hope you enjoy our tongue-in-cheek Fall Fashion Guide! But seriously, don’t let your kids get a heat stroke in their Halloween costumes! 


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