Elizabeth is a traditional valley girl, born and raised, with a real and honest passion for writing that began as a very young girl. She shares her home and heart with a 3 yr old beautiful little human being named Isabella Samantha and her loving husband, Sam. She is recently a stay at home mom, or as she likes to call herself, a Family Manager, with 10 years of elementary teaching experience under her belt. She loves scrapbooking, journaling, crafting and reading. On her free time, she likes to spend time with her mom, travel, go to the movies and enjoy family time! Her guilty pleasures include the likes of iced coffee, Netflix, Amazon and tacos!

Secondary Infertility: No Longer Suffering in Silence

“Mommy, I think I’m ready for my baby to arrive.” Just this week my almost 4-year-old said those sweet, innocent words to me. She looked up at me expectantly as if I could and...

Teacher Appreciation Week: Gift-Giving Tips from a Former Teacher

Teacher Appreciation Week is here! As a former teacher myself, I’d like to give you some quick tips and advice on gift-giving ideas for your child’s educator. I taught for 10 years, so I think...

Anniversaries are not always happy

Anniversaries. Does the word make you think of Happily Ever After? It's usually a term used to describe a memorable time in your life that you want to celebrate and remember. As a newlywed, I'm...

Disney Tips from a First-Time Momma

Disneyworld... it’s pretty much a child’s dream come true! And in my case, as a 30-something-year-old adult (cough, cough), my dreams came true right alongside my almost 3-year-old daughter just a few weeks ago....
BFFs Friends Sister

BFFs: Celebrating Friends who are Closer than a Sister

I was in kindergarten when I met my first "sister." I was just five years old, shy, quiet and reserved. I was basically the teacher's pet. So when my bilingual teacher decided to move me...

When your only child doesn’t want to be an only child anymore…

I never thought my only child (she's two, almost three) would be asking for a sibling. Never in a million years. Not so soon, not ever. She is the center of our universe, she has...
Grief Loss Normal

Grief and Unexpected Loss: When Normal isn’t Normal Anymore

I cried today... I was sitting in the middle of my lunch break, in a busy school lounge. I was halfway through my meal and I just suddenly felt empty. My stomach began to...
Little Valentine

To my Little Valentine: This is my Hallmark Card for you

Dear Little Valentine, I hope you always know just how much I love you. You were conceived with love, born with love and have taught me a whole new meaning of love. You ARE love,...
Instilling Confidence

Beautiful, Kind and Smart: Instilling Confidence in our Kids

As we lay in bed one night, my 2-year-old turned to me and said, “Jesus made me beautiful and all my friends love me.” In that moment, I couldn’t help but smile from ear...
Vacation 2018

Where Did My Vacation Go?

The holidays are over and the new year has come and gone. And for many teachers like myself it is back to reality. The vacation is over. The staying up late and sleeping in...