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As every mom knows, when you are given that precious baby for the first time your life has changed from how you think to how you do things. I never thought I would acquire “episodes” after having my first, second or third baby! But I was wrong, I slowly began to realize that during these 4 years of motherhood I have some pretty bad, annoying habits that are hard to break or I simply think I can’t.

Many things that moms do make them recognizable as parents-even when their kids are not around and these are my “Top 10”:

1.Lowering the radio while driving up to the ATM or self-cleaning Car Wash
I KNOW!! How silly but true. I don’t know if it’s my automatic response when trying to concentrate I need it quiet but I ALWAYS do that.

2. Putting my hair into a bun immediately after I wake up
Alarm sounds, (literally or toddler or baby) feet touch the floor, I grab my Goody from my night stand and “Twist twist tie” it’s done! There’s no sexy mane happening on any given day, that’s for sure.

3. Drinking coffee
I do have to admit that I drank coffee while pregnant with all of my babies, I know that it must have had an effect on them but I just couldn’t break the morning routine and the longing taste in my mouth. I don’t even drink it to stay awake anymore, it’s more of having some “me -time” and comfort.

4. Unconsciously leaving cartoons on
Ok, so we’re in the TV room watching “Little Charmers” and then suddenly they are off to their bedroom, close the door and start playing….hmmm mom is left watching Hazel, Posie and Lavender because? And I won’t even dare to change it, because their super antennas’ will hear that the TV is not transmitting “Little Charmers” and I will rather pick my battles, because there’s nothing good on TV at that hour anyway…right?

5. Say “al ratito”, “in a minute” or “wait” too much
Now a days children are so impatient! Or maybe just mine and teaching them that there’s an order and a time frame for everything may result in saying “al ratito” at least 7-15 times a day. For example why can’t my dear 4 year old wait for me to hand her the washable markers for her dry erase board while mom is looking for the dry erase board! She needs the board first to begin to write-is what I’m thinking.

6. First chore of the day-make the beds
After putting my hair in a bun & brush my teeth I make my bed. There’s no way I can get through the day with my bed wrinkled and not nice and flat. And as soon as the girls wake up I head over to their beds and get it done! Poor things, I remembered playing inside my covers after breakfast but why can’t I let this go? I think that I feel better looking at some order right away and knowing that if I have a visitor, toys might be everywhere but beds are made. (right?)

7. Talk aloud
I do this a lot. Weather I’m planning my day aloud while I’m cooking breakfast or talking about how someone’s Facebook post made me feel, I just ramble on and on…to nobody. Maybe it’s the “necessity” of having someone there to talk to without judgment or when I really don’t want any feedback from anyone. I also think it’s kind of therapeutic, releasing stress and saying everything I want to say, just how I want to say it. “Si las paredes hablaran…” (Spanish for: If these wall could talk…)

8. Obsess with the future
Whether I’m planning my week, month or next birthday party I over think it, . As soon as I’m done with a birthday party of one of my girls, I ask her about her next one and get on Pinterest, create a board and get to work…because I only have 11 months to get it right. I tend to do the same with everything that has deadlines or goals, which is why when I was a teacher I was always ahead 4-6 weeks “just in case” which resulted in over-working, never-ending research and less time with my family. Everything in excess is harmful; yes, I know I have to work on it sister (she insists in taking a chill pill).

9. Close all bathroom doors behind me
This is truly a rule in my house, once done with whatever they need to do “CLOSE the DOOR!” or else my 2 year old will get to everything and at least with the doors closed I can hear the door creak and run towards her…no joke. So when at public places, friends’ houses, or even at my mom’s, I can’t help but close doors and double check they are not locked!

10. Trichotillomania at its max
This is the hair-pulling disorder, literally. People normally pick and pluck hair from scalp occasionally when bored or anxious, but I have diagnosed myself with this behavior. It was never this bad before having kids, and now I just can’t stop. When my nephew was diagnosed with Leukemia, I started plucking my eyelashes (out of anxiety and stress) and it did not go away. I haven’t gotten completely bald or eyelash-less but it’s a horrible habit/disorder that maybe only moms like me tend do more when put under stress and anxiety….otherwise called motherhood.

Being a mom doesn’t make you a maniac, even though I might seem like it! These habits have somehow impacted me positively and negatively as part of my life. But, then again who has a perfect mom?… I DO

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AnaLaura Ruiz
AnaLaura, born in Mexico City and raised in the RGV,is married and in love with husband Martin Ruiz. Together they have been blessed with three quesadilla eating girls Camila (4), Anabelen (2) and Gemma (3m). When she's not pinning,she's salsa dancing. When she's not dancing, she's facebooking,cooking,cleaning, volunteering or all at once and in between a "mami". As a former elementary teacher, this housewife and full time mummy's daily lesson plan changes by the minute! Somedays are hectic, some are adventurous but with endless hugs, kisses and diapers!!


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