Your Career Can’t Wait


If you’re reading our blog, you’re probably a parent — most likely, a mom. And we all know moms are the worst at putting themselves first. On the long list of things you have to do, finishing your degree or finding a better career path is probably dead last.

But, what if… it didn’t have to be?

What if you actually did finish that degree? What if the timing is right for you to re-enter the workforce? What if you could have a different job, one that makes working away from your family truly worth the sacrifice?

What if… your career can’t wait?

Then it’s time to look into Brightwood College. Brightwood has two RGV campuses offering accelerated programs with classes that are flexible and accommodating to those of us with jobs and families. Many of their programs even offer off-campus courses that allow for a better work-life-school balance. If a healthcare, specialty trade or information technology career sounds like your calling, this might be your moment!

So – quick! – before another pile of laundry or alarm clock or school run distracts you, check out what Brightwood has to offer.

Degree & Diploma Programs:

Brownsville Campus

  • Medical Assistant diploma and associate’s degree
  • Medical Office Specialist diploma
  • Medical Practice Management associate’s degree
  • Pharmacy Technician diploma
  • HVAC-R diploma
  • Network Support Technician
  • Network and System Administration associate’s degree

McAllen Campus

  • Medical Assistant diploma and associate’s degree
  • Medical Office Specialist diploma
  • Electrician Technician

A College for the Community

There are certainly lots of colleges advertising their programs, so what makes Brightwood different? On top of their flexible and accelerated programs, they offer annual career fairs for students to meet with prospective employers and review their resumes. They’re also an active part of our RGV community, hosting several family-friendly back-to-school and holiday events throughout the year.

A Single Mom’s Success Story

It’s always nice to get a personal review from a real person — especially when you’re considering something as important as your education and career. Cassandra, a single mom and medical assistant, is one of Brightwood’s many success stories. Originally, she had planned to go to a different college. But a last-minute decision to check out her local Brightwood campus immediately changed her mind:

brighttwod college“I had to bring my daughter with me to my interview at Brightwood and everyone was so friendly… As soon as I walked in, I knew it was a good fit. This has been the only school that goes out of their way to help students. The people that work here, especially at this campus, they love their students. They would move the world for their students.




Hear more stories of success from staff, students and graduates. Their personal stories will get you motivated to take the next step.

So, are you excited yet? Is there even a small part of you considering your career? Well, what if… you gave it just a little more thought?

It’s your career, after all. And it really can’t wait.


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