Hey Mom, Come Out and Play!


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As the kids head back to school, some of us find our days much quieter. And, as much as we adore our children, we don’t mind getting a little time on our own to put the house back together either. Or perhaps, read a book? I know… what’s that?!

But for many moms, by the third or fourth week, loneliness can set in. Sometimes, the older ones are at school and we are left at home with our babies. Even though we are tired, because, hello, we’re moms, we kind of want other mom friends from time to time to be tired with.  

It can feel overwhelming, trying to find other moms in this same season of life. We crave friendships, mom groups, and play-dates — really just anything outside our house!  

Ways to get out there and meet other mammas:

  • Mops (Mothers of Preschoolers): MOPS McAllen, MOPS Harlingen , MOPS Brownsville
  • RGV Moms Blog Meet-ups: We typically do the first Tuesday of each month. Stay tuned! Times and places to be announced soon.
  • Your child’s school: After drop off, invite a couple of the moms to grab a Starbucks and meet up at the park.
  • Church: If you’ve noticed that your child plays well with another child, ask that mom if she’d like to get the kids together during the week. If you’re worried about your house being a mess, pick Chick-fil-A or a park or bouncy place.

Meeting and making friends as an adult can sometimes be awkward. You’re definitely not alone if you feel that way! This hilarious video on Mom-Dating (via Today Show Parents) made me feel a whole lot better.

These are just a few ideas to get you started. We’d love to hear how you get out of the house and make new mom friends!



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