Instacart for the Win!

The RGV Moms have partnered with Instacart to bring awareness of this grocery delivery service to the Rio Grande Valley and offer an exclusive coupon code for our readers.

The last time my doorbell rang, it was Adrian dropping off a cartload of groceries. On my DOORSTEP. #Win

It all started with a few clicks on my laptop, in between work and online back-to-school shopping. With my new Instacart account, I was able to shop my local HEB and choose a day and time for said groceries to be delivered to my door. (With one-hour delivery windows no less, so you’re not waiting around all day wondering when your milk will show up!)

(Spoiler alert: RGV Moms Blog has a coupon code for you to try Instacart at the end of this blog post!)

Now that most of us here at RGV Moms Blog are familiar with Instacart and all its Insta-magic, we’re ready to share a hotly debated list with you: The Top 5 Moms Who Need Instacart. Why was it hotly debated? Because, really, every mom, dad or parent out there needs this service in their life. These are just a few.

Top 5 Moms Who Need Instacart:

1. Just Back from Vacation Mom >> 

You roll into the driveway at 11 pm. The kids have school tomorrow. You have work. The fridge is empty (or expired!). What do you do? You grocery shop from your phone or laptop that very same night, and set up a delivery for the very next day. BETTER YET: you already have the app and an account, and you simply shop and set up a delivery time before your vacation is even over! 

2. Works a Million Hours a Week Mom >> 

Grocery shopping? That’s a time-consuming necessity you have zero time for. You work like crazy. You spend your “free time” taking care of all things home, kids, and family. You need to grocery shop on your lunch break (the one you take at your desk or in your car) from your Instacart app and have the groceries conveniently delivered when your spouse is home — so he’s conveniently the one to put them away!

3. Too Much Going on Mom >> 

This is you if you’ve got a gaggle of kids, more than one job, extended family responsibilities, or just way too much on your plate! If you can find even five minutes, you can stock the pantry and fridge with everything you need and then check grocery shopping off your list. It’ll feel so good, you’ll almost forget you just took a sip of yesterday’s coffee.

4. New Mom >> 

Congrats! You just had a baby. If only you also had bread, milk, eggs, and cereal in the house. Whether it’s your first or your fourth, a new baby is a 24/7 all-encompassing commitment. Instacart is so simple, you can literally do it on one hour of sleep.

5. Multiple Drop-offs Mom >> 

Brace yourself for back to school. You’re the mom with three (or more kids) at two (or more) schools. Trying to stock up on grocery staples between carpool runs is tough. Plus, you’ve got to keep all your frozen and dairy foods  cool while you slooooowly creep through the pick-up line. 

Try Instacart today and use our exclusive coupon code for $20 off!


Order minimum of $35 to be eligible for the coupon. Valid 8/25/2017 through 12/31/2017.

Click here for a map of the Rio Grande Valley Instacart coverage area.

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