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Ana Laura Ruiz

Tell us a little bit about you:

Originally from Mexico City, I’m a former elementary school teacher and current math curriculum consultant. When I’m not “mami,” I like to window shop, create DIY projects and grab a coffee with my gals!

Finish this sentence: “You’d never guess that I…”

… dislike seafood of all sorts!

IMG_4834Describe your ideal day.

My ideal day would start off by waking up later than 7 am, followed by endless CNN or DIY watching. A nice stroll to the mall with calm and collected girls that by no means get cranky or desire everything at sight. Finished off with non-tearful baths and goodnight kisses— then off to bed with a glass full of Moscato!

Name three must-haves and why.

Deodorant- really hot weather + three babies.

Gum- it makes it all better, whether to calm a crying toddler or to relax before I explode.

Sketchers Go Walk- Comfy! I can make it all work in my magic shoes.

IMG_4835What do you miss most about life before kids?


In three words, what kind of mom are you?

Strict. Goofy. Lovable.

Anything else fun we should know?

Chocolate covered “anything” is my everything!!


Ana Laura is a regular contributor as well as the RGV Moms Blog Sponsorship Coordinator.


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