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gloria contributorTell us a little bit about you:

I work part time as an Independent Merchandiser, and I do income taxes. I have a Social Studies degree from UTPA/ UTRGV, and I volunteer at the Mission Historical Museum. I’m currently working on freelance biographical writing and fiction writing. My family attends Conway Avenue Baptist Church and First Baptist Church in Mission, Texas. My husband rescues people and animals while working as a Firefighter with Mission Fire Department. When he’s not working he works on projects at church, plays with our boys, and takes in animals that are hurt or in between permanent homes.

Finish this sentence: “You’d never guess that I…”

… prefer having a pet iguana or a snake to cats or dogs. We have a gecko and 4 dogs.

Describe your ideal day.

Make French toast for the family, visit relatives, walk around Bass Pro Shop, get ice cream, head home, and watch my husband and kids play with the dogs while knitting or reading.

Name three must-haves and why.

Chocolate is its own food group. So is coffee.

What I won’t spend on shoes or handbags I use to splurge on Yarn. Lots and lots of yarn.

IMG_1625When I’m not parenting I’m …

Saving the planet by using old things to make crafts and functional items.

What do you miss most about life before kids?

Sleepovers with my best pals; ending up at IHOP in our pjs at 1 am.

In three words, what kind of mom are you?

Organic. Caffeinated. Chill.

Anything else fun we should know?

I break into song, not just in the shower, but while doing dishes or driving.



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