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I am a Planner Addict[pinit align=”right” count=”horizontal” size=”large” color=”red”]

planningAs a mother of three girls, there isn’t much time for me to have a hobby. But it wasn’t always that way. We’ve all gone through stages in our journey through Motherhood, have we not? I first started with scrapbooking, wanting to take photos of everything and anything that had to do with my baby. Then, when baby #2 came around, I got into videos and recording all of her milestones. Now, with baby #3, I’m all about PLANNING and squeezing as much time into my day as I can! We can all use a bit more of that.

Pictured above is the infamous PLANNER STACK, a photo of all of everyone’s planners from a meet-up event. You can search for a local planner group online, or just browse Pinterest for inspiration!

Planning from the start.

When I sat down to think about it, I realized I have kind of been a “planner” since high school. However, my planning nowadays has been kicked up a notch — and I love it. Have you heard of Washi tape? I recently had a friend ask, “What do you do with Washi tape?” I chuckled! I use it on EVERYTHING, not just my planner!

I often get questions from friends asking how I do it all. I PLAN! If it’s not written down it doesn’t get done, and if it’s written down I have to do it! For years, I used a student calendar, but then I upgraded to a binder planner (generic) before graduating to “The Happy Planner.” I was ridiculously excited to start using it. I felt like it was my first “Big Girl” planner. I ordered their disc-bound planner and absolutely LOVE IT! Pictured below is my friend’s ring bound planner — every inch of the paper is decorated. Isn’t it beautiful?


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Write this down…

If planning hasn’t worked for you previously, I would seriously look into the different types of planners that are out there. Maybe you simply weren’t using the right kind. If you are a bit intimidated by planning, but you like making lists, I would look into bullet planning/journaling. You don’t have to go all out, just do what’s comfortable for you. If you do want to go all out and customize it just the way you want it I would recommend a disc-bound planner. You can easily pull out and add in paper, folders and more, anytime you want!

I warn you, you may end up with 100 rolls of Washi tape before you know it! HAHA! I love my hobby, and it’s an easy one that I can do anytime and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. Pictured below you can see different styles of planning. Some have the whole page filled, where as others have plenty of white space to write down lists and such. If you want to see or learn more about planning, Michael’s has “Planning with Michaels” events, and they are FREE. Seats go fast, so register TODAY!


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Are you a planner? If not, what’s your current hobby?




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